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So I’m starting a segment on my blog called “Things I Learned” where I share the things I learned about anything and everything.

From learning about myself to learning something new in blogging to learning about adulting.. I’m sharing new things I learned.

So in the first segment I’m going to be discussing blogging and adulting.

Let’s jump into it!

Things I Learned Last Month #1 | Lifestyle

I played pool for the first time and found a new pool bar!

I had so much fun playing pool and being able to dance to music I love. Definitely going to be going back to that bar in the Fall time for sure.

I surpassed my goal of 10K views for the month!

I actually reached 13K views and I’m so freaking happy about it.

I’m going to keep that momentum and hopefully I’ll be able to reach 20K monthly views by the end of the year.

I can manually add ads to blog posts.

I’m definitely going to add ads to all of my blog posts with the hopes that I’ll be able to make even more ad revenue.

I joined Shemedia in June and I’ve been really liking it. I’m thinking I’ll add maybe 2-3 more ads per blog post.

I’d love to reach a point where I’m making at least $500 from ads every month.

It’s okay if a company sends me something that I don’t like.

This was the first time a brand sent me something that I didn’t like.. at all. I ended up messaging the PR rep to tell them I did not like the product and they completely understood.

I was kind of stressed about it, but it was as simple as sending an email to professionally say I didn’t like the product. I didn’t want to lie to you guys about a product knowing you all wouldn’t like it either.

I need to strategically do more SEO posts.

I need to post at the least 12 SEO blog posts per month to keep the traction of my blog growing the way I want it to grow.

I’m trying to get into the habit of planning out more SEO content for the month in advance versus random filler content.

Some PR companies will work with you for a brand finder fee.

A PR company reached out to me about recommending some brands that maybe a good fit for them. I’m hoping that through my referrals, I can make some extra side money from the finders fee.

I can dye my hair all by myself now!

I was so proud of myself to learn how easy it is to dye my hair at home.

Now I just need to make sure not to get the dye all over my bathroom anymore than I already did. I definitely need to invest in some creme colored paint now.

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It’s not that hard to make friends as an adult.

I actually slid into someone’s DMs and now we’re about to start hanging out. I have jumped bounds beyond my closed in self and I’m proud.

Inviting people over to visit is so much easier then planning to go out.

I invited a couple of people over in July at various times and it was the best experience ever. I’m definitely going to keep up that energy because planning to go out just makes me tired.

first time getting makeup done

I actually liked getting my makeup done.

I had my makeup done for the first time for my sister’s wedding and I loved the experience. I’m not a fan of lashes though. I wanted to scratch my eyes the whole day.

I tried Bacon Jerky from 7 Eleven.

It was so freaking delicious. I didn’t even know bacon jerky was a thing, but now I always want to have some in the house.

I finally found something expensive that I really want!

So I’m a super cheap and frugal individual, but for the first time in life I have found something I actually want to spend a decent amount of money on.

I want all of the bags from this brand I found on Twitter recently.

The brand is called Grafea and their bags are $99+, but I definitely plan on buying myself a bag when I reach 20K views for a month.

Whatever bag I get, I’m going to wear it faithfully!

I can drink, but only if I take shots.

I am a sober person. I dislike the way alcohol tastes and I don’t understand why or how people like it.

However during my sister’s bachelorette party… I found myself taking a tequila shot. It tasted awful, but it was better than sipping a drink.

I can only take shots if I want to drink alcohol, but I doubt I’ll ever truly want to drink on purpose to be honest. Just give me a ginger ale please.

I definitely would go camping again!

I went camping for the first time at the beginning of July and it was the best! I had a great time and I loved it. I would definitely do it every year for sure.

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I need to work on saying more positive things versus negative things.

I always realize I said something negative moments after I say it.

I definitely need to start thinking things through and pace myself as I talk versus saying something negative out loud. It’s going to be a process.

So that’s my roundup of things I learned in July.

Are any of these things new to you?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    Woohoo, it looks like you had a fantastic July. You accomplished so much!

  2. I love the realness of this post! I love that you made a new friend as an adult because it can be hard, but sliding into someone’s DM’s is how my best friend and I became friends…took a lot of courage to do it though!

  3. Rose Ann Sales says:

    I’m frugal too. But same as you. There are also stuff I love buying even if they are quite expensive.

  4. You surely learned alot last month. What a great month for you !

  5. Alyssa says:

    Seems like you had an interesting July and I’m glad for you! Congratulations on getting 13k views, that’s an amazing accomplishment and hope you’ll get more visitors in your website.

  6. I love your being simple and real! Keep it up!

  7. Very nice post. We should focus more on the small things in life – those that make us happy, but also what we are learning day by day. Very inspiring.

  8. It’s so cool that you’re keeping track. You’ll be able to look back and see your growth throughout the years.

  9. I learned about adding manual ads to posts recently too haha. That’s awesome you learned a lot.

  10. Congrats on breaking your page view goal! SEO is top on my list this year too!

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