Playing Cheatwell What the F card game with Friends | Games

cheatwell what the f card game
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I recently had a game night filled with a bit of drinking, music, and the What the F card game.

Today I’m going to share with you guys why this is an interesting game to get to know people in thee most raunchy-est way.

Playing Cheatwell What the F card game with Friends | Games

what the f card game

The What the F card game is a quick-thinking where there are questions and answers, bluffs, and banter!

You have to answer as many questions as you can before the timer runs out.

Practically any answer is accepted, but you have to be prepared to defend your answer if someone challenges it.

The player with the most answers wins!

card game

It’s for players ages 18 and up. It also features adult content that makes the night hilarious as well as awkward.

I know I ended up learning a lot about my friends and the way they think when we played this game.

adult party games

This is a game that I could see college students playing for sure or if you don’t mind raunchy topics with your friends, then feel free to play it.

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The What the F card game was created by Cheatwell Games and promoted by Goliath Games! Check out their board games today!

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