My boyfriend would rather play video games than be with me | Relationship advice

my boyfriend would rather play video games than be with me

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You find your boyfriend constantly playing video games, but you want him to spend time with you and you want him to actually choose you over his video games.

Today we’re going to talk about having a boyfriend that plays video games.

My boyfriend would rather play video games than be with me | Relationship advice

So I’ll share with you guys from my experience. I’ve dated guys who played video games (mostly 2K), but it wasn’t really serious game playing until my boyfriend.

He plays video games almost everyday. Sometimes singularly, but a lot of times he does play games with his friends or he is simply talking to his friends on the mic.

I definitely think that he does it as a way to relieve stress from work which is something that I’m always mindful of.

In our relationship, I will say that he does have a good balance of playing video games while also making sure to dedicate time to our relationship.

I highly appreciate it.

Although I am introverted and I do have hobbies myself which also helps this to not be an issue for me.

Now I have seen other women in situations where they felt a certain way about their significant other playing video games and I do think that there are a few things you do need to analyze.

Things to Assess When Your Boyfriend Plays Video Games

Does he do it all day, everyday, and never spend time with you?

Is he completely focused on the game where he doesn’t acknowledge you?

Does playing video games jeopardize his work life?

Is he late for work constantly because he stays up late playing games? Does he not have a job because he spends time playing games all day?

Does playing the game make him happier?

Another thing to think about is whether him playing video games makes him feel good about life. Sometimes playing video games can be seen as a release and it’s good to have a hobby that makes you feel good.

Are you upset that after he spends time with you he chooses to play the game?

I understand that you may want to spend a lot of time with your significant other, but you do have to be mindful of the fact that it’s good to have something to do that you enjoy.

You both should have hobbies that are things that you can do that are separate from each other.

I know that’s one thing I highly recommend for having a long lasting relationship; Each person needs to have hobbies they do separately.

What to do when your boyfriend chooses video games over you?

If your boyfriend does this, you should share with him how you feel about it.

“I feel like you choose to play video games over spending time with me sometimes and it makes me feel unimportant. I really enjoy you and I enjoy being with you. I just want you to feel the same way and I’d like for you to want to spend time with me sometimes too. Then go back to playing the game once we spend sometime together.”

Keep in mind though, that you have to be understanding that he will go back to playing the games after you two are done with your date session that involves undivided attention.

Join in on watching him play the game or play a game with him.

Get to know what he’s interested in. Watch him play the game or play the game with him. Who knows.. you may like it too.

Dive into your own hobby.

While they are playing a video game, take time to do something you enjoy.

Watch a show. Create something. Do some self care for yourself. Read or write. Do something for you.

If your boyfriend ignores how you feel about him playing video games..

I would honestly say that if them playing video games is a big issue for you where you’re constantly upset by it.. If you have addressed it multiple times and they don’t make any changes, end the relationship.

You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. Either they will change or they won’t.

If you’re unhappy with something, don’t spend time trying to make someone do something different.

Leave if you’re constantly upset and complaining about this thing that you don’t like.

If them playing video games is more important than the way the entire relationship is going or if it’s an added on problem to other things happening within the relationship, then let it go.

It’s as simple as that.

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my boyfriend would rather play video games than be with me

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