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I dyed my hair burgundy! I tried Revlon Colorsilk – Review | Hair

Revlon Colorsilk review

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Last year I started dying my hair. The grey in my hair has been super visible, especially in the front and on the sides.

I decided that I was going to dye my hair and I wanted to dye it a new color.

I made a choice to go with burgundy.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my experience using the Revlon Colorsilk hair dye.

I dyed my hair burgundy! I tried Revlon Colorsilk – Review | Hair

I ended up looking for some burgundy hair dye on Amazon and found this 3 pack of Revlong Colorsilk hair dye which is a great deal that I highly recommend.

So the instructions are super easy to follow. You literally just follow everything that it says to do and you won’t have any problems.

When I dyed my hair for the first time last year using this color, my mom dyed it for me and we ended up using 2 boxes of dye to cover my entire head since I have thick hair.

The 2nd time I dyed it which was yesterday, I just used 1 box & had a little bit left over. I focused on dyeing just the roots since my ends had the burgundy color still there.

The color of my hair is a mixture of dark brown and grey, but once I applied the dye it was a dark burgundy, but kind of black like too.

The first time I dyed my hair, my roots peeked through maybe after a month of application. I think that I’d have to dye my hair maybe every 2-3 months at the roots for a touch up.

How did I apply the dye?

So I purchased a hair dye kit which came with a little bowl, applicator brush, clips, and gloves.

I bought these 2 hair dye kits: One with a cape & one with hair clips and disposable shower caps.

I mixed the hair dye stuff in the bowl and applied it with the brush which I felt like was easier than applying the dye with the squeeze bottle.

burgundy hair color

Did the dye burn?

I didn’t have any burning the 2nd time, but the first time I definitely did. I think it’s becauseI scratched my head a lot before I dyed my hair.

The cons of using the dye..

The only con I’d have to say is that it does get messy in the bathroom. I recommend covering the area you’re going to be in with newspaper so that you don’t get the dye anywhere.

Do I recommend the Revlon Colorsilk dye?

I definitely do if you want to experiment with a permanent color. I love using it as a burgundy dye.

It’s so easy to apply and it doesn’t take long to get the color that you want even if you have a darker hair color.

It does an amazing job of making me actually look my age because my grey hair definitely ages me a lot, but now I actually look like I’m in my 20s officially.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Revlon Colorsilk review.

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Revlon Colorsilk review

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