18 Friendsgiving Activities to Try at Your Friendsgiving | Ideas

Friendsgiving Activities

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Instead of having Thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I throw a Friendsgiving dinner every year.

It’s definitely a more laidback way to enjoy Thanksgiving while also spending time with your friends.

I know a lot of people consider throwing a Friendsgiving event, but they aren’t sure about what they should do for it.

Today I’m going to share with you guys some Friendsgiving Activities that you can do this holiday season.

These Friendsgiving ideas will be sure to be a lot of fun and help you to create a lot of memories.

So let’s jump into them!

18 Friendsgiving Activities to Try at Your Friendsgiving | Ideas

Have a potluck dinner.

Have everyone bring a dish and eat dinner together.

Play board games.

Pull out the board games and have fun.

Sing karaoke.

Play some of your favorite songs on Youtube and take turns singing songs or buy an actual karaoke machine.

If you’re on a budget, I recommend buying some of these mics.

Have a cosplay Friendsgiving.

Dress up as some of your favorite characters from movies, cartoons, anime, books, games, and tv shows.

Watch music videos from childhood.

One of the things I love to do is watch old music videos with my friends and talk about how funny they were.

Play Jenga.

Whether you’re playing the original Jenga or the oversized Jenga game, it’ll be a lot of fun.

Have a bonfire.

If you have a backyard, buy a firepit and setup some foldable chairs outside to sit around the firepit with.

Do a gift exchange.

Have everyone coming do a Secret Santa where they pull someone’s name from a hat then exchange gifts.

Play video games.

Play Smash Bros., Just Dance, or Mario Party. It’ll be a lot of fun to play with each other.

Experiment with making drinks.

Bring some alcohol and juice/pop. Mix drinks and create some cocktails. Have a competition to see who can create the best cocktails. You can also get great cocktails to purchase from Dramson. It’s an easy way to get cocktails that would be a great addition to your get together. 

Have a themed Friendsgiving.

Pick a theme for Thanksgiving. Here are some examples of themed Friendsgivings;

  • Harry Potter themed friendsgiving -> Everyone could dress as their House. You could serve food from the series with this Harry Potter recipe book & watch 1 of the movies.
  • Sex and the City themed friendsgiving -> Have brunch and serve mimosas. Binge watch the 1st season of Sex and the City or the movies.
  • Marvel Comics theme –> Serve food from the Marvel Comics movies. Watch 1 or some of the movies on Disney+ and play some Marvel board games.

Play an at home Family Feud game.

If you have enough people (I recommend at least 5 or 7 people), play a game of Family Feud at home. One person could be the host while the others get on teams and answer questions.

Put together a puzzle together.

Have fun picking a puzzle and putting it together while talking about different topics.

Have a DIY session.

Have a DIY project session. Design some blank tote bags. Design a sweatshirt.

Play flag football.

Go to a park and play some flag football with each other. You’ll definitely be in touch with the Friends sitcom.

Do some wine tasting.

Have everyone bring a bottle of wine and try different wines out.

Have a Movie Marathon.

Take a poll and plan a movie night where you watch a series.

Try conversation starter cards.

Buy some conversation starter cards and use them to create conversation if you’re having trouble initiating discussions among your guests.

Overall, whatever you do for your Friendsgiving.. make sure that you have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Did you find my Friendsgiving Activities list helpful?

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Which one of these Friendsgiving ideas would you use?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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