I tried Summer’s Eve Wipes! | Review – Health

summers eve wipes review

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About a year ago, I decided to try Summer’s Eve wipes because I was curious in seeing whether they’d do a good job of keeping me fresh when I’m on the go.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my experience using these wipes in this Summer’s Eve wipes review.

Let’s jump into it!

I tried Summer’s Eve Wipes! | Review – Health

If you haven’t heard of Summer’s Eve, it is a brand that focuses on feminine hygiene.

They sell wipes, cleansing washes, and sprays.

summers eve wipes review

I personally was just curious about the Summer’s Eve wipes so I figured I’d give it a go.

I tried the wipes in different scenarios; on hot Summer days, during my period, after workouts when I couldn’t shower right away, and during the pandemic in general.

Hot Summer Days

The weather is decently hot in the Summer in Michigan. There were some days when the weather was 90+ degrees.

I used the Summer’s Eve wipes on my inner thighs and armpits.

They did an amazing job of getting rid of that uncomfortable sticky, sweaty feeling.

My Lady’s Days

I used the wipes a couple of times during my period. This maybe TMI, but I did feel fresher after I used them. It made my period experience a bit better to be honest.

I just had to remember to put the wipe back in the package and toss it into the garbage versus flushing it.

After workouts

There were some days where I’d workout and not be able to hit the showers immediately. This was normally when I’d go to the gym.

The wipes immediately made me feel fresh and less icky considering I had been working up a sweat.

During the Pandemic

Every now and then I’d use a wipe to wipe my hands with.

Hand sanitizer wipes would have been better because the wipes left that overwhelming smell on my hands which lasted pretty much the rest of the day.

The scent of the Summer’s Eve wipes

I bought the Simply Sensitive scent.

So I’m going to be honest, I am not a fan of the scent I chose mainly because it gives me strong baby powder vibes like I just changed a baby’s diaper which I don’t like considering I am a grown woman.

The scent is definitely strong in an overpowering way where if I used a wipe, someone would be able to smell that I used it for awhile.

When I say awhile, I mean maybe 2 hours which is a lot for me.

Would I recommend the Summer’s Eve wipes?

I would to a degree. I’d definitely recommend trying a different scent from the Simply Sensitive scent that I chose. It smells too much like a baby product and it’s overwhelming.

I’ll probably try another Summer’s Eve wipe scent and I’ll report back on whether it is worth it.

For the most part, I just carry the Summer’s Eve wipes that I do have around in my bag as a “Just in Case” method if I absolutely need them.

If you guys are interested in trying the Summer’s Eve wipes, you can buy them today from Amazon, Walmart, or Target.

So that’s my Summers Eve wipes review!

Did you find this helpful?

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Let me know your thoughts on the Summer’s Eve wipes by leaving a comment down below!

summers eve wipes review

(3) Comments

  1. Bella says:

    Oh neat, I haven’t heard of this brand before! they have such a wide range of product

  2. this was a really helpful and informative review. Never thought to use a wipe that that after a workout or just on a hot day.

  3. Tisha says:

    I use these, same scent too!! I love them for during the lady days and after a workout if I don’t have time to shower immediately after.

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