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Easy DIY Catwoman Costume | Easy Cosplay Ideas

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I dressed up as Catwoman a little while ago and I figured I would share with you guys how easy it is to create a Catwoman costume.

So let’s jump into this easy Catwoman costume DIY which is perfect for Halloween, cosplay, and costume parties.

Easy DIY Catwoman Costume | Easy Cosplay Ideas

diy catwoman costume

catwoman cosplay

catwoman costume

Let’s jump into this DIY Catwoman costume!

So the first thing you need for your Catwoman costume is a black leotard.

I bought the one in the pictures a couple years back from Amazon, but it is no longer being sold anymore. So check out these other black long sleeve unitards.

I also recommend wearing shapewear for this cosplay. It helps give you a waist when you do wear shapewear.

This website sells some amazing shapewear for under $35.

catwoman goggles

catwoman goggles


I decided to go with the comic version of Catwoman and decided to buy these goggles.

I absolutely love these goggles. They’re super comfortable and they look really nice when I’m wearing them.

I bought this cat ears piece to go under the goggles and they fit perfectly where there wasn’t any slipping and sliding.

Catwoman always wears black gloves so you definitely need some too.

I wore my Guess boots, but you can wear any military type tie up boots that are black.

 The wig I picked was from Amazon, but I honestly recommend any straight black wig or you could go for a short cut wig.

Here are some wig recommendations: Wig Types & Elevate Styles.

Lastly, I added a black whip to the outfit to pull it all together.

So that’s my DIY Catwoman costume.

Did you find this helpful?

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Let me know if you plan on dressing up as Catwoman or if you would by leaving a comment down below.

catwoman whip

diy catwoman

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    We’re hoping to dress up this Halloween. Catwoman is a big possibility so this is a really useful post. Thanks for the tips x

  2. Well that is a cute idea. I love being able to DIY costumes, I may have to try my hand at this one.

  3. Catherine says:

    A fun and easy look you’ve created! Halloween will be here before you know it!

  4. Such a cool and easy idea to create your own catwoman costume in time for the Halloween’s party

  5. Rosey says:

    It turned out very authentic. I like the dip in the mask that helps hold it in place.

  6. That costume is just perfect! I love it. Hope this year is a good Halloween for all.

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