I visited Groveland Oaks campground | Traveling to Holly, Michigan

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Camping has always been something that I wanted to do ever since I was kid.

I was so excited when my boyfriend’s friends said they wanted to go on a camping trip and I was welcome to come along.

Today I’m going to share with you guys my experience at Groveland Oaks Park in Oakland County Michigan.

I visited Groveland Oaks campground | Traveling to Holly, Michigan

groveland oaks campground

Our journey to Groveland Oaks took about an hour drive which wasn’t too bad.

We stayed at the campground from Thursday to Saturday.

We decided to have the full on camping experience by staying at the campsite.

For $55 a night, you could receive a hookup and pull through where you can park your car or RV.

They also offer the option of water and electricity being available for $40 a night.

They have cabins which I didn’t know. At some point in the future we’re definitely going to stay in the cabins, but we decided to go with the full on camping experience for the first time out.

To my surprise when we got there, it was pretty much RV city. Almost everyone had an RV and there weren’t too many people with tents which was wild to me.

We were one of the only people who actually pitched tents.

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michigan camping

On the campsites there were fire pits where you could set up a fire to cook on.

I recommend getting one of these folding grill grates if you want to cook on their fire pits that they have available.

When we first got there, we had bought firewood from 7 Eleven, but the campground also has firewood available at their Contact Station for $6 for 1 bundle and $20 for 4 bundles.

They also have bags of ice available too at the Contact Station.

The bathrooms

SURPRISINGLY, the restrooms were super nice and clean. They have timed showers that you can use too.

The toilets have push button flush which is great and the stalls were fairly clean for the most part.

The showers were also clean as well. I’d just recommend wearing some sort of flip flops when you go to shower.

The people

Everyone was SUPER friendly. People would wave and say Hi or Good Morning.

People would start random conversations.

The neighbors we had played card games with us, let us ride their electric bikes, and helped us start a fire.

Even the police drove up and started a conversation with us. It was pretty wild. Everyone just seemed so peaceful and happy.

Things to Do at Groveland Oaks

You can go to the beach.

I love that there is a cut off at how deep the water is so you could have fun swimming or relaxing in the water. The water maybe comes to about 3-4 feet.

There were a lot of families there swimming around. Some people even had foldable chairs where they just sat in the water.

You can go fishing.

If you have a fishing license and fishing equipment (pole, hooks, bait), you can go fishing on Stewart Lake.

They have a boat house.

There are so many things you can do from paddleboarding to using a kayak to a rowboat.

I ended up going on a pedal boat for a half hour with my friends for $5 which was a lot of fun even though I was terrified.

They give you life jackets so you’ll be safe.

Play games at their arcade.

So I’ll be honest, their arcade is small and there aren’t too many games (maybe 4). I feel like this is mainly an arcade for kids, but it is an option of something for kids to do.

You can rent bikes.

If you feel like taking a bike ride, you can rent a bike for a half hour for $5.

There’s a skate park.

We didn’t visit the skate park, but they do have one where you can skate with skates or skateboard.

Play minature golf.

If you bring your own putter and golf ball, you can go golfing. This is something else we didn’t see either, but it’s definitely an option.

Overall, do I recommend visiting Groveland Oaks campground?

I definitely do. It was an experience I won’t forget. It was a ton of fun and after camping.. I now know what to bring so we’ll be prepared for the next time.

There’s a lot to do and you’ll have an amazing time there.

Would you go to Groveland Oaks campground?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

groveland oaks

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  1. Camping with family and friends is so much fun! It’s our favorite bonding time.

  2. This sound line such a fun place to visit. It has so many things to do! Thanks for sharing

  3. This is all in one package! You can do such exciting things while enjoying the bond with family and friends!

  4. What an idealistic camping area that has about everything. I know Holly, Michigan as I went to school in Michigan! I never knew that had such a wonderful camping area!

  5. campground looks amazing, I would LOVE to spend my time there and enjoy it the fullest

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