I watched the anime Yasuke – Review | Netflix Series

I just finished watching Yasuke. I was really hype about hearing about this anime because it was supposed to be about a black samurai, named Yasuke.

I know a lot of people were upset when this series first came out because they figured the show wouldn’t have magic in it and that it would focus on samurai fighting and just overall being a samurai.

I actually didn’t mind it personally, but I did mind a lot of other things.

So let’s jump into this Netflix Yasuke review!

I watched the anime Yasuke – Review | Netflix Series

netflix yasuke

Let’s start off with the good.

The soundtrack is amazing.

I absolutely love the intro song and the entire soundtrack.

I would play the intro to this song everyday to wake up to. I actually found it on a loop which I love!

The animation was beautiful!

I loved the design. The fight scenes and the magic scenes were incredible. Studio MAPPA did such an amazing job.

The storyline was pretty good.

So the story was interesting and it held my attention. The anime was directed by LeSean Thomas & it stars LaKeith Stanfield as Yasuke. I actually liked the overall plot.

A black samurai who gained the respect of others through his skill for fighting.

Now onto the bad…

It shouldn’t have been named Yasuke.

The story started off being about Yasuke, but it ended up changing into him becoming the side character.

I dislike that the hype of this show was about this main character Yasuke, the black samurai when honestly.. the story wasn’t really focused on him after awhile. It was pretty much about the person he was helping.

It was like saying you’re going to give me a chocolate chip cookie, but there are only 3 chocolate chips inside of the cookie. I would have been completely fine if they named the show Saki though.. or Yasuke Saki.

The pacing was off.

Some stuff in the series happened super fast to the point where you were wondering why everything was happening at the pace that it was considering the series only has 6 episodes. I know there were moments when I was sitting here like,

Wait.. how did this happen?

I definitely think if they had made the show a bit longer, they could have paced it better.

There was information missing.

When I tell you there were moments when I was confused… people would just show up without any background information. Stuff would happen off screen without any dialogue as to why it happened.

Do I recommend watching Yasuke?

So the show is okay. It wasn’t a bad show, but it did lack somethings. The show definitely would have been better if they didn’t shorten the series to 6 episodes because you could definitely tell that a lot of corners were cut within explaining why or how things happened the way that they did in the series.

If it comes out with a second season, I’d still watch it though!

Overall though, it is worth the watch if you’re looking for something interesting to watch that is only 6 episodes long.

Head on over to Netflix to watch Yasuke!

yasuke netflix

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