A Day in My Blogger Life #1 | Product Reviews, Youtube, and Making Plans

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I decided that I would start a series about my blogger days where I share with you guys what I’m doing and just different things I’m noticing within being a lifestyle blogger.

It’ll be great for anyone that is curious or wants to be a blogger.. and it’ll be great for me to keep track of different things as well.

A Day in My Blogger Life #1 | Product Reviews, Youtube, and Making Plans

Today I’m pretty much going to be updating my blog a couple of times, opening packages, planning content for next week, and deciding on how I’m going to do Youtube.

On Keeping My Blog Updated

I’ve been noticing that the more I post, the more I get more inquiries from brands and PR companies which I love.

I usually attempt to plan content out months in advance, but things change a lot.

I know I have 4 blog posts that I want to get out for this week and then I’ll start planning for next week.


I have quite a few gifted product promotions that I have coming up.

All of the products were sent by PR companies.

I normally receive maybe 20-25 gifted product inquiries a week.

Most of them are through PR companies.

I don’t accept gifted inquiries as much as I used to because honestly… depending on the product, gifted features & reviews can take a couple of hours to do.

I feel like a lot of brands don’t realize that sometimes it’ll take up to 6 hours for me to create content for them. I am taking photos and editing them. I’m doing SEO research and hashtag research along with sharing this content with my established platform.

Because of that reason, I definitely want to focus on securing sponsorships with brands I actively use on a weekly basis or ones that I could see myself using on a regular basis.

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What I’m Eating Today

jimmy dean

I bought these Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches from Kroger. They’re pretty good and easy to make. You just pop them in the microwave and they’re good to go.

I actually like the Jimmy Dean biscuit sandwiches with the sausage, egg, and cheese much better though.

I also ate some peanut butter crackers.

You can never go wrong with some Ritz crackers with some Jif peanut butter.

What I wish I was eating


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A post shared by Pagoda Snacks (@pagodasnacks)

I have a taste for potstickers. I keep hearing the Pagoda potstickers are pretty good.

I also hear their egg rolls are good too.


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A post shared by Noodles & Company (@noodlescompany)

Noodles & Company also has really good potstickers.

I also want to try their stuffed pasta that they recently came out with.

Red Robin also sounds delicious too.

I ended up ordering Red Robin via Grub Hub when we first moved into our home. It was the best choice ever. It’s one of my favorite restaurants to order from through Grub Hub.

Their burgers, fries, and sauces are so good!

reddit blogging

A Great Resource for Bloggers

Reddit is a great place for blogging information and questions

I’ve been stalking as well as asking questions on the Blogging subreddit.

I’ve been finding out so much information by just going through the questions or even doing searchs through the subreddit.

Definitely one of the best resources for bloggers since it’s a community of bloggers who answer the questions.

lifestyle blog

Evaluating Product Reviews

I’ve noticed that product reviews drive more sales than anything when it comes to affiliate links.

I’ve been debating on balancing out product reviews vs lifestyle related posts because a lot of times my homepage will be filled with product reviews vs lifestyle related posts which I think most brands want to see more lifestyle posts than anything.

Doing Youtube..

One of the things I’m going to start focusing on is Youtube.

I would like to create videos where I can drive traffic to my blog. I’ve done it with a couple of videos before and it was very beneficial.

I’ve also noticed that I get more affiliate sales through Youtube.

I get some decent affiliate sales now, but I’d love to boost the amount I make.

I’m currently planning out content for Youtube for a month.

I’m hoping I can stick to posting.

So that’s what I’ve been doing today in my blogging life.

If you’re not a blogger, would you like to be one?

If you’re a blogger, can you relate to any of this? What have you been up to lately with your blog?

Let me know in the comments down below!

lifestyle blogger

(21) Comments

  1. Amber Myers says:

    All your food has made me hungry. I am with you on the free product proposals. Unless I love the product, I normally decline because you’re right, it does take hours setting up posts and photos.

  2. I’m glad you spoke about not taking product as payment. It’s about time companies stopped taking creators for granted and learn how much work goes into every single post.

  3. Looks like you are so busy with your blog. It’s exciting to see what you have planned for the future too.

  4. I could very well relate to your post, except for Youtube because I’m not so active on the platform. I do a lot of product reviews and I’m just glad that the collaborations are with brands that I really love.


    Sounds like you are very busy which is good. Great to hear there are so many brand collaborations coming through weekly.

  6. I’m not a full time blogger but I’d love to be one, I love how organized you are though

  7. Being selective on gifted campaigns can also help make your blog more focused, I have found. I put a lot of time into my blog too – sometimes people don’t realize how long it all takes.

  8. Jasmine E says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize it takes so long to do product reviews. Thank you for letting us into your life!

  9. oh wow!!! I had no idea so much work goes into blogging! Very insightful for sure.

  10. Rochelle says:

    Product reviewers always make it look so easy, you are super organized!

  11. renee says:

    I love to learn about other bloggers! Very cool!

  12. I agree with you, brands sometimes don’t realise the hard work that we bloggers do and the time needed to make the posts and social shares

  13. Products reviews are the best for affiliates and selling because people look for information and they get a source to buy it.

  14. I wish that someday I could have some brands to promote! Very nice of you. The things I promote are these free hacks at Anyways, does having a Reddit page help your blog traffic?

  15. I am new to this whole blogging thing, and you’ve given me an idea since I love to buy food online, and here from where I live, I’ve not seen anyone giving reviews to restaurants where they bought their food. Thank you very much!

  16. Aditi says:

    Planning my posts ahead of time is something I surely need to work on, your post definitely inspires me to do so. Keep blogging!

  17. The hustle is real and i have to tell that you’re doing a great job!!! Blogging is lots of fun, but we just have to take a couple of breaks once in a while.

  18. Sounds like you are very busy, which is good. Being a blogger is a lot of work. Been doing it for more than 14 years.

  19. Melissa Cushing says:

    Fabulous post and enjoyed reading 😉 I have to say I am with you on gifted products for review… I used to take a lot of them… but now I am more selective as I just do not have the time and as you said… to create a quality blog post it takes hours upon hours to put it together with all that has to be done. I am myself working on videos too as I have always been nervous about it… but am now working on stepping out of my comfort zone.

  20. I miss eating at Red Robins. I miss their big hamburgers and their endless fries. I wish I could eat it here in Japan. ;(

  21. Bella says:

    this is so cool!!! i love reading this! being a blogger is alot of work so crazy!

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