My boyfriend keeps lying to me – Why does it happen and what to do about it | Relationship Advice

my boyfriend keeps lying to me

You and your boyfriend get into it because you find out they were lying to you about something.

The argument blows over, but you eventually realize that he is yet again… lying to you.

Today we’re going to discuss why your boyfriend keeps lying to you and what to do about it.

My boyfriend keeps lying to me – Why does it happen and what to do about it | Relationship Advice

“Why does he lie to me?”

He doesn’t want to stop what he is doing.

Depending on what the lie is about, he honestly just wants to keep doing whatever it is because he knows it’s wrong. You’d be surprised by how many people will lie just so they can get away with something. It’s clear they don’t care, but they don’t want you to know it.

He could be a habitual liar.

He maybe a person that lies for no really good reason. This is something that he’d have to deal with on his own by going to therapy, but to be honest he may not even own up to consistentl lying though.

He doesn’t want to start and argument.

He probably lies so he can avoid arguments. For example, I’ve seen people lie about a lot of things just so they can not have that confrontation.

He knows that if he is truthful about what he is doing, you’ll want to breakup with him.

Most guys know when they are doing something wrong so they lie about it. They don’t want to be honest because they know that what they are doing is wrong and they know you’ll breakup with them because of their actions so they hide it… until they get caught and keep up with the lie.

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What should you do if your boyfriend keeps lying?

Confront him about the lie.

Show the facts you have and talk about it. Ask why he lied about it or why he wanted to hide this from you? Ask why he did whatever he did in the first place knowing how you felt about it?

Whatever it is… discuss it so you can understand the reasoning behind it.

If he doesn’t want to be honest or keeps doing something he shouldn’t be doing, leave.

Let me just be blunt.. leave if they keep lying or doing something you don’t like.

No reason to stay with someone who keeps doing something that isn’t right.

People change if they want to and they’ll do it without being asked.

My two cents from my experience..

To a degree everyone lies even if it’s a small white lie, but I know for me personally..

If I had a boyfriend that was lying to me, it would all depended on what they were lying about.

Were they lying about another woman or relationship?

If they were… I’d just end things. No questions asked especially if you catch them doing something inappropriate or disrespectful to your relationship and to you.

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So I hope you guys found this “My boyfriend keeps lying to me” post helpful.

Let me know how you feel and if you’ve been in a similar situation by leaving a comment down below!

my boyfriend keeps lying to me

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