Is texting someone else cheating? – The truth on texting when in a relationship | Advice

is texting someone else cheating

I feel like a lot of people misperceive whether texting would be considered cheating in a relationship.

Sometimes it can be considered as being a gray area because there are so many different factors that are involved with cheating through texting.

Today we’re going to discuss whether texting can be considered as cheating.

Let’s jump into it.

Is texting someone else cheating? – The truth on texting when in a relationship | Advice

So texting is only considered cheating to me if you do one of the following:


If there is any flirting involved with complimenting someone who you’re attracted to or discussing something of a sexual aspect, that would be considered as being cheating.

Are you texting an ex and your significant other isn’t aware of it?

If you are hiding something from the person you’re with and you’re communicating with an ex in an emotional or flirty way, then it would be considered as cheating to me.

If you wouldn’t want your significant other to see what was texted…

If you are texting and it is something that you wouldn’t want the person you’re dating to see.. then you’re feeling guilty and feel like you have to hide it. I would consider that as being supiscious and something that is inappropriate.

When it comes to texting while you’re in a relationship..

There should be boundaries.

I feel like there should be a discussion on what’s okay and what’s not okay. I feel like people can see things differently so one person could consider speaking to an ex cheating while another person may not think so.

Discuss in casual conversation what cheating is with each other so you have an understanding and know what not to do.

Try not to even make exes a factor.

I personally don’t support keeping in touch with exes unless they are strictly platonic friends that your actual significant other can meet as well as be around.

I would just remove the idea that speaking to and texting exes is okay because a lot of times it isn’t and it just leads to issues that could have been avoided.

If you feel like you need to hide it..

If you ever have a feeling of “I don’t want the person I’m with to see this or know about this..”

If you ever feel like you have to lie about talking to someone, whatever you’re doing is probably bad and you should stop.

So I hope you guys found this “Is texting someone cheating” post helpful.

Let me know your thoughts about texting other people in a relationship by leaving a comment down below.

is texting someone else cheating

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