My boyfriend likes other girls pictures | What it means and what to do

my boyfriend likes other girls pictures
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One day as you’re scrolling through social media you realize your boyfriend is liking other girls’ pictures. You become irritated and even upset as you sit there wondering why he even does that if he is with you.

I’ve been there. I have dated a few guys that overtime, I realized they were liking other women’s pictures. Whether it was on Facebook or Instagram, they were either liking or hearting their pics. Sometimes some of them would end up commenting little emojis. When I tell you I was upset…. I was pretty pissed and it caused quite a few events to happen within those relationships where liking other girls photos occurred.

So today we’re going to discuss why your boyfriend likes other girls photos, what it means, and what to do if it happens.

My boyfriend likes other girls pictures | What it means and what to do

Check out this video I made about when someone set the boundary of not liking/following other girls on Instagram.

Why do guys like other girls pictures?

They find them attractive.

I’ll just be blunt about this. Usually a guy won’t go out of his way to do something he doesn’t want to do. If a guy likes a picture, he simply may just find them attractive.

They do it to support them. 

Maybe the person is someone that’s a friend to them and they do it to boost their post on social media or to just show recognition. I’ve had some guys say this even though… from my experience they were lying.

If it was someone I had never heard of before or never seen or they had just added them/started following them, I was cautious about them interacting with their photos of social media.

I will say that I feel like the type of photo they are liking can help you discern the motive behind the like.

If they like a picture of another girl and it’s simply a selfie or is a photo with them talking about something they’re proud of… They could be doing it out of support.

If a woman isn’t really saying anything specific in the photo, they most likely just find them attractive which isn’t a bad thing… unless they’re leaving comments on their photos constantly where it seems like they’re flirting.

I also have to mention… it also is important if your significant other likes your photos when you post…

I know I dated this one guy who used to like my photos all the time until we got together.

Then I noticed that whenever I would post.. which was probably once a month at the time.. they’d ignore my posts and heart other women’s post which I didn’t like.

You should want to support your significant other even if it’s something as minor as a like.

If you start doing it with other women, but not with your significant other… it seems strategic and on purpose. It also seems like it’s some sort of ulterior motive which in my situation… it was unfortunately where they would like and then start commenting on those women’s photos.

What do you do if your boyfriend is liking other girls pictures?

You have 3 options of things you can do in this situation..

Let it go.

You could just ignore it. Unless they’re actually flirting with the girls/women in their comment section or Inbox, it probably is okay.

However, if you do feel upset or negative about it where it’s causing you to experience strong feelings that make you feel irritated….

I personally would just be honest with how you feel.

Present it to them like,

“Hey… I noticed that you like other girls photos and it makes me feel uncomfortable since I’m your girlfriend. It’d make me feel better if you didn’t do that because it makes me feel negatively and it’s kind of important to me.”

If you explain it rationally like this, a guy should understand because you didn’t present it to them in an argumentative way.

I feel like a guy who actually cares about you would not like other girls’ pictures at that point.

It’s not a big deal for them to stop doing it. It’s less effort to not do it.

However some guys maybe prideful and see it as you controlling them or maybe they are attracted to the women.. so they’ll get defensive. Just be forwarned.

Breakup with them.

So this is a bit extreme and maybe seen as irrational.

I would say only do this if you honestly feel like the guy is actually flirting with them and trying to pursue something with these women online which could be viewed as a form of cheating.

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I hope you guys found this helpful.

Thanks for reading this “My boyfriend likes other girls’ pictures” blog post.

Let me know if you’ve been in a similar situation by leaving a comment down below.

my boyfriend likes other girls pictures

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