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He left me on read | What does it mean & what to do if you’re left on read – Dating Advice

he left me on read

When it comes to getting to know someone or even dating someone, sometimes the unfortunate happens where you message a person you like and you get left on read.

You could be talking to them about anything or even asking them a question about something.

Sometime goes by and you eventually realize that they actually saw the message that you sent, but…. they haven’t said anything back.

You keep checking to see if they’ll respond, but absolutely nothing happens.

It’s unfortunately apart of life.

Today we’re going to talk about what it means when a person leaves you on read and what you should do when you are left on read.

He left me on read | What does it mean & what to do if you’re left on read – Dating

Here are some reasons why you might get left on read…

They probably don’t have anything elseto say.

Sometimes it is as simple as that. They have nothing else to contribute to the conversation so the conversation pretty much ends.

They don’t want to continue the conversation.

They could just be done with talking to you about whatever you’re talking about so they don’t even make the attempts to respond. Maybe they have lost their interest in the topic.. so the conversation tapers off.

He is too busy too respond.

Sometimes someone could be too busy to give a more detailed response so they may read what you said… then respond later on or the next day.

Maybe they aren’t a big fan of texting.

I feel like this is something that needs to be discussed. Some people just don’t like messaging just like some people don’t like talking on the phone.

He forgot.

So this is something that I have an issue with doing. I will either accidentally click on a notification or I’ll see a message and forget to respond because I was occupied with something else or I simply thought I pressed send when I did not. I am a person who doesn’t really message often though so if the person you’re messaging is similar.. that could be why you are left on read.

If you get left on read for a few hours.. that isn’t a big deal. Life happens.

If you get left on read for a day.. it honestly all depends on a few factors…

Were you two regularly messaging before? Did you message daily?

If you were, then I would take it as one of the things mentioned above.

Are they still active on social media?

If they are… they probably didn’t want to respond or they didn’t have anything else to say.

What was the context of the conversation?

Were you having a good discussion or were you arguing via messaging?

If you were having a negative conversation, they probably want to keep to themselves.

If you were having a decent conversation… they probably just got caught up in life or didn’t feel like talking.

If you get left on read for a couple of days…

You could either start another conversation with them or just not even make attempts to respond to them.

If a week or two goes by without them saying anything, it’d honestly be best to just move on.

What you shouldn’t do…

Don’t keep messaging hoping for a response.

It comes off as desperate and sometimes even kind of clingy.

The most I would go if you’re left on read is message one more time maybe in a few days. If they don’t respond, then they’re just not that into you.

What you should do if you’re left on read?

Distract yourself.

Fill up your time with other things. Do some self care for yourself. Watch something. Create something. Treat yourself to something nice. Do something for yourself.

Be social with other people.

Talk to friends and family. Hang out with them too. Even ask their opinion about what they think about how you were left on read if you like.

Move forward.

If by some chance the person doesn’t respond, it’s okay. The world isn’t ending even if you may feel disappointed or down about it.

Listen to me… the person who is meant for you and is really interested in you will show they are interested in you.

There will be no questioning or guessing. You two will just be into each other and they’ll always want to interact with you.

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So I hope you guys found this helpful when it comes to being left on read.

Feel free to share this He left me on read advice post on social media.

I’d greatly appreciate it.

Let me know your thoughts about being left on read by leaving a comment down below.

he left me on read

he left me on read

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