My boyfriend wants to take a break – This is what it means and what you should do | Relationship Advice

boyfriend wants to take a break

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You are so into your boyfriend, but one day he tells you that he is going through somethings and that he wants to take a break.

What does that even mean?

I’ve been there before. It is super confusing to be dating someone and think you’re going on the same path only for them to tell you that they need a break from the relationship.

Today I’m going to share with you guys what it means if your boyfriend wants to take a break and what you should do if they want to.

My boyfriend wants to take a break – This is what it means and what you should do | Relationship Advice

So when your boyfriend says,

“I want a break..” it could mean a variety of different things.

He is focused on a specific goal.

Maybe he wants to take time out to focus and get his life on track. Let’s be honest, dating someone can take up time depending on the type of relationship you have. Maybe he wants to do something for him and stay completely on task for reaching what he wants.

He is lost in life.

I have had a few guys who felt kind of all over the place in life and they needed time to themselves to figure out what they were even doing.

He wants to see other people.

This is what happened as well in those situations. Sometimes things may get too serious and a person could want to be free to date other people. It happens even though most people want exactly say that and be that honest.

I know from my experience, a lot of times these guys kind of wanted me to wait for them… but I didn’t because they ended up still living their lives and doing what they wanted only to come back a year or two later after they had pursued other relationships and so on..

They feel overwhelmed or crowded.

Life could just be life-ing. Maybe your relationship is a lot for them and they feel like they aren’t getting any space. Maybe they feel like the relationship is a lot of weight on them and they want to just breathe.

He also could just be scared.

Sometimes a person could realize…

“Wow.. this is the real thing. I’m in a committed relationship and I feel anxiety about it because I’ve never been here before.”

They may not know how to interpret their emotions or even how to feel about it, but they’ll need to figure it out on their own time.

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Now.. what do you do if someone says they want a break?

So I’m about to be 30 years old this year…

If someone told me they wanted a break, I’d take it as a “Oh we’re breaking up..” depending on the circumstances of the break.

Going on a break in a relationship is a strange place to be and the only way I’d even consider it is if there are guidelines on the break.

You don’t want to end up in a Ross and Rachel “We were on a break” situation.

What does being on a break mean?

Are we allowed to date other people?

Do we plan on staying in contact with each other?

What exactly is changing about our relationship?

Is there still a future there? Is it years into the future or what?

Is there a time frame for how long this break will last?

You NEED to know the answer to these questions because you don’t want to just be waiting and wondering if things are going to work out while the other person isn’t focused on your relationship. They’re just living their life while you’re waiting for them to come back.

Also if a person says “I don’t know” to any of these questions or if it’s all one sided where you’re the one reaching out and trying to make things work… I’d just let the relationship go because you’ll end up stressed, emotionally drained, and worrying about whether you two are going to work out or not.

Don’t try to force something if the other person isn’t serious about you.

In my opinion, the person that’s meant for you won’t have you waiting. They will want to grow with you and experience life with you.

Life is too short to be putting people on hold.

Either they want to be with you or they don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Then again… keep in mind, my opinion would probably be different if I was younger. With turning 30 this year I’m pretty much like… either they will show you and treat you like they want you in their life orr… they aren’t focused on the goal of creating a future with you.

So I hope you guys found this helpful.

Let me know your thoughts on “Taking a break in a Relationship” or “Taking a break from a Relationship.”

How do you feel about it?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

boyfriend wants to take a break

boyfriend wants to take a break

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