I just watched Code Geass | Spoiler Filled Discussion review

code geass review
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Okay, so I just wrote a Code Geass review without spoilers, but now I want to write one with spoilers because I want to talk about it.

Y’all Code Geass is definitely one of the best anime series I’ve ever seen and I just want to share how I’m feeling within watching this series.

I just watched Code Geass | Spoiler filled discussion review

If you haven’t seen Code Geass, check out why you should watch it in my NO SPOILER Code Geass review.

If you have seen it… let’s jump into what happened in Code Geass!

& the Worst parent award goes to……

First of all, Lady Marianne… I want to fight her soul.

After I realized CC was able to speak to Marianne, I was confused and wondering where she was existing. I speculated on whether the Geass could connect beyond existence or if she was alive, trapped somewhere by the king. I was so upset to find out she was pretty much possessing Anya and walking around living life when she had 2 kids that she abandoned.

It’s the fact of that and that she as well as the king was aware that Lelouch was out here killing people… his own siblings and he didn’t even have to.

The way she called Lelouch ungrateful when she and the king shared what they were ultimately trying to do with the world. The way they didn’t care about their kids at all.

Worst parents ever in anime!

Nunally being alive..

When they showed Nunally was alive, I was so happy. Then I started thinking… OMG WHAT IF SHE CAN SEE? OMG WHAT IF SHE CAN WALK?

Then when she was able to see it was like bruhhh… I knew it! LOL

Jeremiah’s transition..

He went from having a vendetta because he was Orange boy to being a loyal knight. When I tell you… his come up. He was loyal to Lady Marianne and then became loyal to Lelouch… I stan Jeremiah in the end.

The way Lady Cornelia was just dodging death..

I almost thought they were going to make her become queen in the end with the way things kept playing out and how she kept eluding death. She definitely became one of my favorite characters. She was all about her morals once she realized what was even going on. Also her right hand man, Guilford was dodging death with her as well.

Shirley is best girl and the ultimate ride or die.

I cried when Shirley died. She went through so much and the fact that she had her memories wiped, regained them back, and still was all about Lelouch…. EVEN THOUGH she knew he killed her father.

Suzaku’s transition…. I really feel for Suzaku.

I started off liking Suzaku initially. He was giving main protagonist vibes, but eventually he became annoying because it seemed like he was trying to merge into Britannia society like he didn’t care at all about Japan or the Elevens. Then he became Zero’s enemy… then when that battle happened with Lelouch where he used the fleija and you realized Suzaku walked to where Prince Schniezel was and he was about that life to kill the king… I was like,

“OHHHHHHH!! Suzaku out here just being a boss.”

Then when he started working with Lelouch…. and just the end of him becoming Zero. It was so sad because he became what he hated. The fact that he has to represent something that killed the woman he loved, Euphy.

Euphy’s death..

Her death was so messed up. It was so sad seeing her death and how geass just messed things up and made her killed all of those people.

Lelouch being the cause of a lot of things indirectly…

Apart from Euphy’s death, the fleija killing all those people because Suzaku had to live, just so many people dying all for the cause and him realizing “Well I’m already this far in so I’m just going to keep going..”

Rolo’s death

Even though I didn’t care for Rolo..  especially after he killed Shirley, his death was sad. All he wanted was love and to be loved. His end was all for his brother Lelouch. It was so tragic.

The ending..

Realizing that Lelouch didn’t have a God or power complex… Lelouch just became a villain so that both sides could unify against what they hated. I’ve never seen such a character in all of anime where they were like,

“Yeah.. I’ll be the bad guy. I’ll put the burden on my soul just so the world will be good once I’m gone.”

Still wondering and upset because I don’t even know if Lelouch is dead or not considering CC was talking to “him” as she was attempting to live her cottagecore life.

Overall, Code Geass was an amazing show! I loved it and I’m definitely going to watch the movies for sure!

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