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code geass review

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After years of putting off my boyfriend’s recommendation of watching his favorite anime of all time, Code Geass…. I finally finished it. When I tell you guys I’m feeling a mixture of emotions from watching the series to the point where I wish I would have watched it sooner. Today I figured I would share with you guys my review of Code Geass.

I binge watched Code Geass! – Review | Netflix Anime

This Code Geass review will not have any spoilers, but I did write a SPOILER FILLED Code Geass review here.

Check it out after you’ve watched the series.

But let’s jump into this review of Code Geass!

Code Geass involves the story of the Empire of Britannia and their conquering of Japan which is now known as Area 11. The Japanese who are now known as Elevens are treated unfairly and seek justice as well as reach towards making Area 11 Japan again. Lelouch, the black prince of Britannia acquires an unknown power called Geass and starts his journey towards the break down of the Britannia Empire as he strives towards helping to save Japan.

My first impression of Code Geass

I tried watching Code Geass 2 times before I watched it completely this time. One of the reasons why I didn’t really care for Code Geass initially was because it had gundams in it. I don’t know why but I’ve never been a fan of gundam. I blame the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but my boyfriend convinced me to give it another try.

The show starts off fast paced then switches to a slow pace and once you get into the storyline… that’s when so much stuff just starts happening. Code Geass escalates heavily past what I even thought the show was going to be about.

The shock value is high as the series goes on.

When I think of anime series that have left me with my jaw dropped, I think of Attack on Titan and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Both of those series leave me with my eyes wide open like “HOW? WHY? WHAT EVEN? WHO WROTE THIS?” When it comes to Code Geass, it’s the exact same. The shock of what was actually going on as the story went on… The shock of what people were trying to do and their thought processes…. The shock of the way this whole show ends… Code Geass is one of the most unexpected series I’ve ever seen in my life.

No one is innocent in this anime.

This is probably the first anime I’ve watched where pretty much almost every character ends up doing something messed up. When I say messed up, I mean there are so many levels where you watch this show and you’re just like WHAT???!!!

The transitions of the characters’ thought processes and the things they go through..

There is so much that happens in this show where you see friendships bud and bonds broken. The levels of conflict within the soul of choices you have to make and situations where.. you don’t want to take any of the options that were placed before you, but you have to do it anyway… The series was beautifully created.

The intelligence of Lelouch & the concept of knowing your opponent

This whole show was about the game of chess and how you have to be steps ahead if you want to be victorious. Lelouch is one of the most intelligent characters I’ve ever seen in a series and I love the way he would have his moments of triumphs as well as his moments of loss where you so him struggling with losing.

My favorite characters in Code Geass: Lelouch, Suzaku (I went from liking him to not liking him to liking him in the end), Shirley, Cornelia, & Jeremiah

Do I recommend watching Code Geass?

I definitely do. It’s one of the best anime I’ve ever watched before and definitely in my Top 5 anime now. It was well-written and the whole storyline kept me wanting to know what was going to happen in the end.

Watch Code Geass on Netflix & Hulu today!

Once you’ve watched Code Geass, check out my SPOILER FILLED Code Geass review so we can talk about the series together!

I hope you guys enjoyed my Code Geass review.

Let me know if you plan on watching the anime series by leaving a comment down below!

code geass review

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