My ex texted me Happy Birthday – What does it mean? | Relationship Advice

ex texted me happy birthday

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You wake up and it’s your birthday! So what’s the first thing you do? You roll over and check your phone. You wake up to a text message to someone who you thought you wouldn’t even hear from.

“My ex wished me Happy Birthday… but why?”

My ex texted me Happy Birthday – What does it mean? | Relationship Advice

Today I’m going to share with you guys the meaning behind why an ex texted Happy Birthday.

So of course if you follow my blog, you know that I’m going to share my own experiences of exes texting me Happy Birthday.

I recall having this one ex that used to message me Happy Birthday every year on social media. Sometimes I said thank you and sometimes I simply would just not reply.

But here are a few reasons why they texted you Happy Birthday;

They genuinely thought about you and do want you to have a Happy Birthday.

Some exes legit just text you that because they remembered and want you to be happy. There is no ill-intent behind it. They just wanted to say it.

Some want you to know that they were thinking about you.

Some exes send the ‘Happy Birthday’ text because they want you to know that you’re still on their mind. They didn’t forget about you and they want you to realize that you are still a thought to them.

Other exes text you on your special day just to see if they’ll get a response.

If you have gone months without talking to your ex or if you have ignored them in some way or form, they will probably attempt to message you Happy Birthday with the hopes that you’ll respond and a conversation could be sparked.

Then there are other exes who say it because they want you to think about them.

There are some narcissistic individuals that will message you Happy Birthday just to make you think of them. They want you to think “Yeah I’ll message them Happy Birthday just so they’ll think about me and think about how they could have been with me. Maybe they’ll even miss me because I sent them this text or they’ll think I’m a good person because I remembered their birthday.”

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Either way it goes…

It’s nice when someone remembers your birthday and takes the time to contact you.

Respond if you like, but leave it at that… just a response of saying, “Thank You.”

If they try to follow up with more conversation, I’d ignore it unless you plan on trying to reconnect with your ex.

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So I hope you guys found this helpful.

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

ex texted me happy birthday

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