Taking down my passion twists on my 4c hair | Passion Twists review

passion twists review
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I left my passion twists in for 5 weeks and now it’s time to take them down. I figured I would share with you guys my experience of having passion twists.

Taking down my passion twists on my 4c hair | Passion Twists review

Here’s how I did my passion twists and how they looked when I first had them in my hair versus how my actual hair looks after taking the twists out.

passion twists review

Things I did to maintain my passion twists

I used oil on my scalp every 3-4 days.

This helped with keeping my dandruff at bay and it kept my scalp moisturized.

I kept my hair in a bonnet most of the time.

Since we’re in a pandemic and I pretty much stay at home most days, I barely took my bonnet off which meant that my hair wasn’t constantly going through everyday wear. My twists looked pretty neat for the most part.

Week 1-2: My hair looked pretty neat for the most part.

Week 3: I started noticing my hair growing in and it started losing definition at the parts of my scalp.

Week 4-5: A decent amount of my was starting to unravel about an inch down the base. The braids I put in my hair were starting to look more defined where you could tell the difference between my hair and the passion twist hair. I definitely plan on twisting the hair with my hair next time.

passion twist growth

How much growth did I have by the end of the 5 weeks?

My hair grew about 3/4ths of an inch long. I think it probably would have grown more if I had sprayed some sort of spray moisturizer on my hair at least twice a week.

How long did it take to take down my passion twists?

I had 41 twists and it took about 3 and a half hours for me to take the twists down and unbraid my hair. I expected my hair to lock up pretty badly, but it didn’t lock up too much.

I also noticed that my hair felt extremely soft. I assume it’s because I used a leave in conditioner when I braided my hair so it didn’t feel dry when I took the twists down.

Would I put passion twists in my hair again?

I definitely would. I loved that I didn’t have to do anything to my hair. This is a great protective style to have that doesn’t require any effort once you have it done. I’d highly recommend it for anyone with 4c hair.

Thanks for checking out my passion twists review.

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