My ex says he wants me to be happy | What does this mean? – Relationship advice

my ex says he wants me to be happy

I have had a couple of situations happened where an ex told me either a few days or weeks after a breakup that they wanted me to be happy. It happens sometimes, but what does it even mean. Today I’m going to share with you guys what it means when you ex wants you to be happy.

My ex says he wants me to be happy | What does this mean? – Relationship advice

They may not think they’re good enough for you.

Sometime when an ex says this, they may think you deserve better than them. This most likely means that either they think you should be with someone that treats them better or that they think you should be with someone that can give you more (via monetary value items like gifts and dates).

I remember dating a guy in the past that had insecurities and didn’t believe he was a good fit for me because he put me on a pedastal. In all honesty, it can be difficult to even try to convince someone that they’re good enough for you. Sometimes it’s insecurities and sometimes a guy is legit just trying to protect you because they may know deep down they wouldn’t be good for you.

This leads me to my next point.

They don’t think they’re a good fit for you because they want to date other people.

Sometimes a person will say they want you to be happy after a breakup because they know they’d end up breaking your heart and doing something that would ruin your relationship or maybe they already did something and they know it’d be better for you two to go your separate ways.

They genuinely just want you to be happy.

Sometimes your ex will be respectful of the conclusion of the relationship. There will be no bad feelings. They’ll just want you to have whatever you want in life and they’ll want you to have the best even if you aren’t together. They deep down want you to be happy even if you’re apart.

Overall if an ex says they want you to be happy, believe them and move forward with your life.

Don’t stay wondering and guessing. If they wanted to truly be with you, nothing would stop them from making it work.

Relationships aren’t hard. People make them hard when it could all be so simple… Listen to Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill.

Never settle for less. If someone acts like they don’t want to be with you, let them go. It’ll be difficult, but it’d be best for you. The one who is supposed to be with you will see everything amazing about you. They won’t leave. They will stay. Never forget that!

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my ex says he wants me to be happy

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