My ex boyfriend has a girlfriend, but still wants to see me | Relationship Advice

my ex boyfriend has a girlfriend but still wants to see me

Your ex boyfriend pops up out of nowhere. He just wanted to check in to see how you were. You know he has a girlfriend, but you continue to speak with him. You still have some feelings for him. He ends up telling you that he wants to see you. What does it mean and what are you supposed to do?

Today we’re going to dive into what it means when you ex wants to see you, but your ex has a girlfriend.

My ex boyfriend has a girlfriend, but still wants to see me | Relationship Advice

I’ll just cut right to the chase, if your ex has a girlfriend but wants to see you….

They want to test the waters with you.

They want to see if you can still have that connection. Now let’s be honest, technically he is cheating on his girlfriend with you if he doesn’t tell her about this. He wants to still indulge in spending time with you even though he has a whole woman which is disrespectful to you as well as to her.

Another reason why your ex may want to see you is because he could be unhappy in his relationship. Sometimes this can happen, but I’ve learned that people who do this may try to see if they can use you as an outlet of some sort… rather that be physical, emotional, or mental.

Lastly, they may not want you to move on even though they have a whole relationship.

Some people are selfish that way where they want to be with someone else, but they may not want you to be with someone else. It happens, but they are definitely focused on their wants and not considering your feelings to even bring up the idea to see you when they are already in a relationship.

What to do if your ex boyfriend wants to see you when they have a girlfriend?

I honestly would decline the offer. You could even bring up the fact that they have a girlfriend and that it would be inappropriate for him to be spending time with his ex even if it’s just for a visit. They are an ex for a reason. There is no point in backtracking in your life to something that’s in the past when you should be moving forward with your life from that ex.

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I hope you all found this helpful.

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my ex boyfriend has a girlfriend but still wants to see me

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