My boyfriend lets his ex control him – What to do if the ex is in your relationship? | Relationship Advice

my boyfriend lets his ex control him

You’re dating an amazing person, but you realize that their ex girlfriend still has control over them in some way. Maybe they still interact with each other and she gets involved in your relationship. Maybe your boyfriend gets upset when he sees his ex doing something he doesn’t like. What do you do when you notice this? What do you do if the ex is controlling your boyfriend? Let’s jump into this topic!

My boyfriend lets his ex control him – What to do if the ex is in your relationship? | Relationship Advice

Firstly, the ex shouldn’t have access to him.

There is no reason why the ex should still be interacting with your boyfriend in my opinion. An ex is an ex for a reason. Most of the time when exes are still in the person’s life, their sole perpose is to sabotage any relationship their ex has because they don’t want them to be happy with anyone else. There is also no reason why the ex should know about your relationship. They shouldn’t be involved in your relationship at all.

You should talk to your boyfriend about how this connection is making you feel and how it is inappropriate. Let him know how you feel. If they actually change the way they handle things with their ex, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Otherwise if they remain allowing the ex to affect them, then you should think about breaking up because this is a personal problem they need to deal with and they may not be ready to let the past go which is unfair to you.

He still cares about his ex.

Sometimes a person will still allow their ex to control them because they still have feelings towards the ex. This could be good or bad feelings. It’s unfortunate, but that’s how life is sometimes. It would be best to talk with the ex about how you’re feeling. Let them know your concerns and give examples as to why you feel the way that you do where you show how certain things they do displays how they still care about their ex. Honestly, it’d probably be best to let them sort things out because it’ll be difficult to make things work with you if they’re still focused on their ex.

Their pride allows their ex to control them.

Have you ever seen someone just bitter about their ex? They may constantly say negative things about them or look at them a certain way… To some degree, the ex does have some control over them. They’re probably just irritated by the way things happened with their ex where they may feel like they were donw wrong and it was embarrassing for the situation to happen to them the way that it did. For example, a person may become irritated with anything that happened with their ex because when they were in a relationship… the ex cheated on them and they found out in an embarrassing way. It happens, but they just need to move forward with their life instead of wishing bad or focusing on the ex in a negative light. The more energy they give to their ex, the more time and effort that is wasted that could have been put towards something else.

This is a personal issue that they are going to have to deal with on their own. You can’t really do much about it. That just maybe their personality to hold a grudge to be honest.

Overall, your boyfriend shouldn’t be letting your ex control him or your relationship. If you are feeling like the ex is affecting them or causing issues within your relationship, discuss how you feel with your ex. They should be willing to listen and you hear you out if they actually want the relationship to work.

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my boyfriend lets his ex control him

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