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I’m missing my ex boyfriend | What do I do if I miss my ex? – Relationship Advice

missing my ex boyfriend

Breakups are difficult. You go from focusing on this one person and spending time with them to not at all. It’s only natural that you’d end up missing your ex, but how do you manage to deal with it? Today I’m going to share with you guys what to do if you are missing your ex and how to slowly, but surely get your mind off of your ex.

I’m missing my ex boyfriend | What do I do if I miss my ex? – Relationship Advice

Delete and unfollow.

Remove everything in your phone dealing with them. Keep yourself from checking their pages. It’s important that you do so. Give yourself space to release. It’ll be difficult to let go if you constantly have reminders of your ex on your socials.

Also get rid of anything that is theirs that you still have. Either put it in a box and put it somewhere or have someone you know return it back to them.

Cry it out.

The first thing you should do is cry it out if you haven’t. You can cry it out in different ways.

You can physically cry. Shed tears about the ending of the relationship. It’s okay to release it.

Sing break up songs that relate to your situation. Turn the music up loud and sing your heart out.

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Scream it out. Shoutout your frustrations. Just let it all out.

Dance with feeling. Swing your body around and free dance to music. Just imagine me thrashing and spinning around the house. This helped me during breakups a lot.

Write down how you’re feeling. Take sometime out to write your feelings down. Then rip the paper up.

Really sit down and think about all of the negatives within the relationship.

A lot of times when we miss an ex, we are focusing only on the good parts or we’re focused just on the fact that we weren’t alone.

Take the time to really think about how they treated you. Did they treat you with respect? Did they already move on? Did they lie to you? Did they ignore your feelings? Did you argue a lot? Did they treat you how you wanted to be treated?

Surround yourself with people who care about you.

If you feel like it, spend time with your family and friends. Do something fun together.

Watch movies or binge watch shows.

Go out to eat or have a potluck meal.

Have a picnic.

Take a roadtrip somewhere.

Get a hobby.

Take time out to throw yourself into something you’ll enjoy.

Hobbies I personally enjoy;

  • Playing video games
  • Creating art via painting, Sharpie marker art, designing clothes, sculpting with clay
  • Go thrift shopping and revamp clothes and furniture.
  • Start a garden.
  • Get into reading books: YA, fantasy, mystery, horror
  • Learn how to skate or skateboard

Jump hard into self-care.

Spend time giving yourself self-care moments or even days.

  • Treat yourself to some Grubhub or Ubereats.
  • Give yourself a facial or spa day.
  • Give yourself a pedicure.
  • Do a little retail therapy and shop online or at a thrift store.
  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself 5 things that you love about yourself.

Accept that it happened for a reason.

Realize that things happened the way they did to prepare you for something even better. Look forward towards a bright future. You may feel sad, but it’s okay. It’s just apart of the process of getting you towards where you need to be. Learn from the situation with your ex and grow. Become a better version of yourself and focus on what you want as well as need out of life.

It’s okay to go through the motions of missing your ex, but you’ll get through it. I believe in you and you should believe in you too!

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I hope you found this helpful.

Feel free to share this on social media. I’d greatly appreciate it!

missing my ex boyfriend

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