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3 Reasons Why You Need the Self Love Workbook by Shainna Ali | Book Review – Self Care

self love workbook

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Self Love is very important. Without it, it’d be very difficult to advance in life or be able to become the best version of yourself. You’d also have problems with other relationships in your life whether it’s professional, romantic, or just personal in general. I was really excited to receive the Self Love Workbook by Shainna Ali. Dr. Ali created this self love workbook for the purpose of boosting self-esteem, recognizing your worth, and finding genuine happiness.

Today I figured I would share with you guys my top reasons why everyone needs this book in their life. So let’s jump into it.

3 Reasons Why You Need the Self Love Workbook by Shainna Ali | Book Review – Self Care

self love workbook review

You’ll learn more about yourself.

One of the first things I noticed about this book was how as I did some of the activities in the book, I started to analyze different things that I didn’t even notice about myself. This book helped me realize certain things about the way that I think and view things. It also helped me understand my strengths and things that I need to work on within myself.

It offers beneficial advice that can be life changing if you apply it.

You have to remember that this is a self-help book. You can benefit from it greatly as you do the activities and understand the advice in which it delivers to you. Sometimes you have to unpack your experiences and actually take the time to address them as well as learn from them. This may take sometime, but you can definitely benefit from reflecting on the situations you have experienced as well as how you handled certain situations. This way you can assess how to handle things in the future and how to remember that you can grow from being the past version of yourself to becoming an even better version of yourself.

self love workbook shainna ali

This is one of the best books for self-care.

If you’re a person that doesn’t do a lot of self-care for your life and you’d like to add some sort of self-care to your days, then this is the book for you. It assists with analyzing different ways in which you can apply self-care to your life mentally.

Overall I recommend buying the Self Love Workbook for yourself or even giving this book to someone you care about. It can definitely change your perspective and help you to think differently about yourself as well as your life.

Would you try this Self Love Workbook?

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  1. It sounds amazing, I definitely can see why I need it

  2. Self-Love is essential to mental, physical and spiritual well being. I’ll be looking to add this book to our collection.

  3. I love journals that guide you through self-discovery like this one, instead of just a blank slate. This looks like a great journal.

  4. I’ve been neglecting self care a little lately and this looks to be such a useful book! I’ll check it out!

  5. Tisha says:

    I have a self love planner! I love the idea of a workbook!

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