I binge watched Julie and the Phantoms – review | Netflix Series

julie and the phantoms review

I kept having Julie and the Phantoms recommended to me on Netflix. After weeks of skipping over the show, I decided to go ahead and give it a watch. Let me tell you guys, I was actually pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed the show considering I’m an adult and this show was meant for teens. So let’s jump into this review of Julie and the Phantoms.

I binge watched Julie and the Phantoms – review | Netflix Series


The story is about a girl named Julie who lost her love for music when she lost her mom. But one day three ghostly band members show up to show her that music isn’t lost and they form a band together with her.

It’s a wholesome story line.

Without spoiling the show, the storyline with how Julie falls in love with music as she ends up connecting with this ghostly band is an interesting story you’ll actually enjoy.

It gives High School Musical Vibes.

The show’s setting is focused in a performing arts school. There’s a lot of singing and dancing in this series. It’s cute though.

It’s really about the power of love and friendship.

As the story goes on, there are obstacles that occur. There’s a villain in this story that causes issues and you end up realizing over time that this is another story about friendship as well as love.

My favorite characters from the series; I actually liked pretty much everyone in the series except Carrie & her boyfriend, Nick.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the second season with the way the show ended.

Would I recommend watching Julie and the Phantoms?

Honestly, I would. It’s a great story for both teens and adults. The way the story touches on life as a teen in high school, working towards your goals, dealing with death, and the concept of anything being possible is what it’s all about. Overall this is definitely a good Netflix show for teens

I hope you guys enjoyed my Julie and the Phantoms review!

Let me know if you watched it or if you plan on watching it by leaving a comment down below!

julie and the phantoms review

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