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cute workout outfit

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I’m trying to get back into the habit of working out so I’m finally about to start working out again seriously. I did start doing Just Dance and it is definitely a killer workout, but some days I like to do a different workout like walking. I’m hoping I can shed some pounds off of my stomach. Today I figured I would show you guys my cute workout outfit for the day so let’s jump into it.

Skwod | Cute Workout Outfit of the Day – Fitness

exercise outfit

Song of the Day – Skwod by Nadia Rose

Healthy Drink of the Day – Naked Green Machine (Check out my review of it here)

Food of the Day – a salad from Aldi

Workout video I’m watching today – Indoor Fat burning Walking workout

2 piece workout set

My Exercise Outfit of the Day

tank & shorts workout set – ClothingUnder10

Clothing Under 10 has some of the cutest active wear sets available for under $25. I highly recommend shopping there.

sneakers – Fila shoes from Famous Footwear (Check out my Famous Footwear review)

Gaia yoga mat – Walmart

water bottle – TJ Maxx

What do you guys think of my workout outfit?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

womens workout set

(5) Comments

  1. I actually need a new yoga mat! This looks great

  2. I love the outfit! We’ve been looking into buying yoga mats for the house too…

  3. Such a cute little workout set, I love it when things all match like this and you feel good from head to toe.

  4. This is such a cute workout outfit! I’m sure it will help you reach your goals!

  5. This is the absolute cutest workout outfit ever.

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