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I binge watched Sailor Moon Crystal | Review – Hulu Anime

sailor moon crystal review
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I received this product to try for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched. I remember watching the DiC version on UPN 50 every weekday morning and I was late for school every morning just so I could watch it. I was so happy when I learned about the release of Sailor Moon Crystal a couple of years ago. I pretty much cried when I watched it because I was so happy. I was super excited when I found out recently that Netflix will be releasing Sailor Moon Eternal on Netflix!! So today I figured I would give you guys an actual review of the Sailor Moon Crystal series.

I binge watched Sailor Moon Crystal | Review – Hulu Anime

Sailor Moon Crystal is about a girl and a group of her friends who are guardians of the Universe. They were placed on Earth to defend it from evil, but in the process of fighting evil they end up finding out about their past and who they really are as well as their purpose.

It’s a magical girl anime.

90s Sailor Moon vs Sailor Moon Crystal

So in all honestly, Sailor Moon Crystal seems like the adult version of Sailor Moon. I actually like the way the storyline flows within Sailor Moon Crystal a bit better. I also liked that there weren’t really any filler episodes in Crystal.

The Power of Friendship

The whole concept of Sailor Moon is about her love for others, especially her friends. There is a sense of girl empowerment throughtout the series as well as the concept of what being friends means.

Believing in the Power of Love

Another main focal point is the power of love between Sailor Moon and the love of her life, Tuxedo Mask. I absolutely love how they established their love story in Crystal verus the original Sailor Moon series. You can actually see that he cares for her and she cares for him. There’s no denying it since their love is constantly creating the power to withstand and get rid of evil.

The Fight Scenes are Everything

I absolutely love the fight scenes in Sailor Moon Crystal. They are epic! The artwork is phenominal and the animation is pure perfection.

The Fashion

One thing about Sailor Moon and her friends is that they’re always going to be fashionable. They rock some of the most iconic looks and I know I plan on cosplaying a couple of looks from Crystal myself.

Luna & Artemis

Another thing you’ll end up loving about the series are the familiars and guardians of the Sailor guardians, Luna and Artemis. They are talking cats who guide the girls along their journey and have been there with them since the beginning!

I also love watching Sailor Moon Crystal in my Sailor Moon Luna kigurumi which was sent to me from!

Sailor Moon Luna Kigurumi

It’s super comfortable and plushy. A must have for any Sailor Moon fan for sure!

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Overall, Sailor Moon Crystal is a great anime to watch. The storyline is well-written and it’s perfect for anyone who loves Sailor Moon or any adult who’d be interested in checking it out without all of the filler episodes. I highly recommend this magical girl anime! Watch it on Hulu or on Crunchyroll today!

Thanks for reading my Sailor Moon Crystal review! Let me know if you plan on watching it by leaving a comment down below!

sailor moon crystal review

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