How much do people make on Onlyfans? | A quick Onlyfans case study

how much do people make on onlyfans

Onlyfans has been the income move for a lot of people. It is a platform that has created a path towards financial freedom for many. I’m sure you guys have heard of people making thousands of dollars, even five figures from Onlyfans just for posting content behind a paywall. I pretty much spent a decent portion of today doing some research on Onlyfans as far as how much people make and what type of content they create which allows them to make as much as they do. So today I’m going to share with you guys my findings on how much can you make on onlyfans.

How much do people make on Onlyfans? | A quick Onlyfans case study

I did end up doing a search on Google and I found that there are successful beauty creators & makeup artists who do Onlyfans.

There are music artists on Onlyfans.

There are actors on Onlyfans.

There are also chefs on Onlyfans and even people who create lifestyle related content on Onlyfans in which they make a decent amount of income from it.

Disclaimer: So when it comes to the research that I was conducting on Onlyfans, I’m not going to hold you guys up.. I was kind of hoping I’d see more variety of content when I went through binge watching different “How Much Money I Made on Onlyfans” videos. Pretty much everyone who posted a Youtube video about this that I watched (I binge watched/skimmed through maybe 70 videos) created this type of content; It was mostly nsfw, lingerie, swimsuits, & twerking content which to be honest, Onlyfans has made a name for themselves with this kind of content being the focus. I don’t knock anyone who creates this type of content. Make that money! Use what you’ve got. However, I was kind of hoping to see some variety so that I could I guess understand the potential possibility of making money if you’re creating other types of content.

I just didn’t see any Youtube videos about whether you could actually jump into creating any type of content on Onlyfans without a fanbase as you could with the other content.

Based on a bit of searching I did, it seems like people who have legitimate fan bases can post whatever they want. I know some people I am subscribed to on Youtube have Onlyfans pages where they create more behind the scenes footage or vlog content. I heard of a tech guy posting exclusive tech related content to Onlyfans. I’ve seen some visual artists post art or art tutorials on Onlyfans, but I haven’t seen anyone in these types of genres share how much they made within posting this content to be honest which of course makes me realize that it would be unconventional to create content that isn’t related to being revealing in some sort of way whether that be posting lingerie or more risque content.

How much do people make on Onlyfans?

How much people make really depends on the content they make, the effort they put into promoting the Onlyfans page, and how much of an established following they had initially.

I’ve seen videos where people said they made $100 or $200 in a week if they didn’t have a following and simply promoted on Reddit or Twitter daily. I think the lowest I saw in a week was maybe $20, but the person didn’t do too much promotion.

Most people who didn’t have an established following had success promoting on Reddit strategically based on a multiple of Youtube videos I watched. Keep in mind, the people who posted on Reddit mostly created swimsuit, lingerie, & nsfw content.

From what I’m seeing most people who are successful with making thousands of dollars on Onlyfans either have a decent sized established following already or they create more revealing content that is posted on subReddit forums.

One thing to consider that I realized is that a lot of people who turned Onlyfans into full time jobs, made sure to invest in their page and to take the time to create quality content that their subscribers would like to see. They also consistently promoted their page and kept their page updated.

The Methods of Promotion (based on what many Onlyfans creators claimed helped them acquire more subscribers): Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, paid promotion on other people’s onlyfans pages, & their Youtube channels if they had one

The top 3 videos I found interesting and informative in relation to Onlyfans

Simply Cinn shared her experience, taxes breakdown, issues she ran into with Onlyfans, and how much she made.

miiasaurous also created an Onlyfans and realized how important it is to crosspromote if you actually want to do it successfully. I appreciated her honestly because I’ve seen so many women with huge followings share how they make 5 and 6 figures, but then you realize that they originally had thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. This meant that they kind of already had some sort of a fanbase and people were already interested in the content they were going to post on Onlyfans.

Katarina Kladis shares her experience and the feelings she has been having within doing Onlyfans along with the judgment she received. Probably one of the realest videos I’ve seen about how people she knew judged her and even supported her for starting an Onlyfans and her overall thought process within running her Onlyfans page.

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Overall, Onlyfans seems like a decent way to make money depending on the factors I listed above. One thing you have to consider is that if you plan on starting an Onlyfans page with the hopes of making money, make sure you evaluate the pros & cons of Onlyfans. Really take the time to assess the content you’re going to be creating and be honest with yourself about how you’d feel about that content. If you’d be happy with it, go for it but also just make sure you’re realistic and strategic about the way in which you do it if you truly want to be successful making money from it. The more work and effort you put in, the better results you’ll receive.

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