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I binge watched Akudama Drive – Review | Hulu Anime

Akudama Drive review
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I kept seeing Akudama Drive be recommended to me on my Hulu account for the past couple of months. I would always pretty much ignore it and tell myself that I’d come back and watch. I finally did last night and let me tell you guys, it was one of the most unexpectedly anime series I’ve ever seen in my life. Today I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts on the Akudama Drive anime and whether it’s worth the watch!

So let’s jump into this NO SPOILER Akudama Drive review!

I binge watched Akudama Drive – Review | Hulu Anime

The show is about a group of criminals who end up getting put together along with an ordinary girl to complete this dangerous job which ends up affecting so many people in so many words.

Firstly, I loved the art and the action scenes.

The artstyle was lovely. I liked the way all of the characters looked to be honest. I also loved the way the fight scenes and action packed scenes played out.

The criminals all have their own goals.

You realize that each criminal has their own priorities and realizing the layers to each character is something amazing.

I found myself caring and liking characters more than I thought I would.

When I tell you I never expected to watch this show and actually be as into it as I was where I found myself kind of attached to characters.

The whole premise of the show and the ending is extremely unexpected.

The way this show starts off and how it continues on, you would never think that it would go down the path that it does. As I’m sitting here writing this I actually feel choked up in a sad way as well as a happy way. The creators of this anime really knew what they were doing when they wrote this because I actually feel connected to a lot of the characters that showed up in the series.

Akudama Drive makes you think about how do you evaluate who’s good and who’s bad.

One thing I realized over the series of the show was how the storylines continued to present the questions of how people pass judgment on others, but sometimes they don’t evaluate their own actions and judge their own movements that they make even though it could impact others. It also presented the concept of selfishness and why people do what they do.

Do I recommend Akudama Drive?

I definitely suggest watching this anime because it’s so different from any other anime I’ve ever seen. It gives me Suicide Squad vibes as far as putting a group of criminals together, but you realize that the storyline gets pretty deep when you realize the actual main goal within the whole story of the purpose of why they were even put together in the first place.

So if you’re looking for a new anime to watch, head on over to Hulu and check out Akudama Drive. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading this Akudama Drive anime review!

Let me know if you’ve seen this anime by leaving a comment down below!

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