13 Onlyfans Page Ideas I’d Actually Consider Doing Myself | Content Creation to Make Money Online

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I recently wrote a few Onlyfans posts and I had some people ask me if I’d ever start an Onlyfans page myself. Today I figured I would share with you guys the type of Onlyfans content I could actually see myself creating where I’d actually enjoy the process of content creation and not feel overwhelmed by it in a way where it felt stressful.

13 Onlyfans Page Ideas I’d Actually Consider Doing Myself | Content Creation to Make Money Online

Before I list these ideas, I just want to say that most of these ideas are Onlyfans content ideas. They’re things I’m interested in which is why I definitely wouldn’t mind posting them for the world to see. Honestly all of these ideas could actually be used as Youtube video ideas, but here is an assortment of Onlyfans Page ideas I’d personally want to do and I’d hope people would be interested in.

Reaction Videos

One of the things I’d do is if I ran a reaction video Youtube channel, I’d offer subscriptions where I do reaction videos of shows or movies that I don’t post on Youtube. The subscribers would watch the show with me and then we’d do a live discussion.

Share hauls.

Share hauls you don’t plan on posting anywhere else. I know I’ve seen some Youtubers post their underwear and bikini hauls exclusively on Onlyfans since Youtube tends to demonitize those videos. Depending on my audience, I would share all sorts of haul videos from “What I bought at the Mall” to “What I Found at a Flea Market” to Amazon hauls to Hot Topic haul videos.

Make rugs.

I have become obsessed with punch rugs where people make rugs at home. I’ve seen so many anime themed ones which would make great gifts or even side hustle money.

Crochet or knit and talk about whatever you want during the process.

I’d share what I was creating whether it was a blanket, sweater, crop top, socks, or whatever… then I’d talk about trending topics on Twitter or have my subscribers come up with topics they’d like for me to discuss.

Share secrets for something that would be beneficial.

If you have a niche, you could create helpful content for people who need it. I’ve seen social media gurus create content exclusively for Onlyfans. I’ve seen Tech experts do the same thing surprisingly. I personally would probably do something either Youtube growth or Blogger related. Then again I’d probably just offer that content free on this blog which I do occasionally.

Play an Instrument.

If you know how to play an instrument, this would be something great you could do. One of the instruments I’ve started liking is the Kalimba. I love whenever I hear some of my favorite anime themed songs and cartoon songs played on one. This could be a good Onlyfans idea.

Experimenting on video with recipes from Food Network shows and magazines.

I’d pretty much try different recipes in a do it yourself project where I try recipes that are proclaimed as being good and show myself eating them on camera where I share if trying the recipe was worth it or if the creator lied about how good the food was for example I’d try recipes from cookbooks, tv shows like Rachel Ray, food from food magazines, and recipes from Buzzfeed.

Trying Science experiments from grade school.

As an adult, I’d just try an assortment of projects from Science Fair project books just because..

Do covers or have karaoke sessions.

I’d love to do karaoke sessions of my favorite songs or the subscribers could even make requests. It’d be a lot of fun plus you wouldn’t have to worry about music being cut out or Youtube erasing your whole sound if it’s copyrighted.

Create art.

I’ve seen some artists also start Onlyfans pages because they didn’t want to do Patreon. You could create art live or create something specifically for your subscribers.

Create mukbangs.

Create a mukbang. These could involve personal topics that you wouldn’t normally share with the public or you could just chit chat about whatever you want to but make it exclusive to Onlyfans. If you run a Mukbang Youtube channel, your subscribers could make requests of food you eat and topics you discuss. Even if you aren’t a Mukbang Youtuber, you could do this for your Onlyfans page in general.


I follow a lot of cosplayers on Twitter who run Onlyfans pages. Some of them do lewd and Playboy-esque photoshoots while others share behind the scenes content, cosplay tutorials, and exclusive discounts for merch they sell.

Motivational Videos

A lot of people create free motivational content on Youtube, but some of them even offer exclusive content that are behind a paywall. You could do this on Onlyfans.

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So that’s my list of unconventional Onlyfans content ideas I’d actually make if I started my own.

What type of content would you share if you started Onlyfans?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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