I binge watched Shadow & Bone – Review | Netflix Series

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I just finished binge watching the Shadow & Bone series that I was waiting to hit Netflix and I figured I’d share with you guys my thoughts on the series. It’s a fantasy Netflix series filled with magical powers and the war between good as well as evil.

I binge watched Shadow & Bone – Review | Netflix Series

Shadow & Bone is based on a book series.

This show follows the story of a main character who finds out she has a coveted power that can change the course of the world as we know it.

The storyline of the entire lore is interesting.

I actually really liked the development of the story as far as how the villain came to be and the discovery of how things operate in the world. Those types of storylines always keep me wanting to watch more and figure out the end game of a series.

The side characters will leave you wanting more.

I’m a huge fan of the supporting characters, especially the characters in the Crows Club crew. Inej, Jesper, & Nina are my favorite characters so far in the series.

The ending to the story actually was unexpected..

So I went into this series thinking something in particular would be resolved, but it surprisingly wasn’t. Of course this is for the purpose of adding more seasons to the series clearly.. and to complete the book series since Shadow & Bone is a 3 part series story, but there are side short stories that connect to the series.

Honestly though, the main character falls short.

I actually just wrote a whole blog post about how Netflix keeps creating the same exact main character in multiple series. It’s actually pretty unfortunate because the actress who plays the main character isn’t a bad actress it’s just… the main characters in these Netflix Original series are getting extremely repetitive and they’re unoriginal.

Do I recommend watching Shadow & Bone?

The storyline is decent, but if you’ve seen Netflix’s Warrior Nun or Cursed you’re going to see similarities. Just a heads up. If you like magical powers and the whole fantasy aspect of a battle between the war of good and evil, this is a good show for you to watch.

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