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I did passion twists on my type 4 hair | Protective Style Idea for Natural Hair

Passion Twists

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I have been wanting to do the passion twist hairstyle for forever. Recently I ended up buying the hair needed for the style and I figured I would share my experience with you guys.

Buying the hair

Originally I purchased the hair from ebonyline. Now I’ve been buying wigs from ebonyline for years and this was my first time trying to buy hair from them. I ended up asking for a refund after it took them 8 days to ship to me and talking with customer service only to find out that it could potentially take 8 more days for me to receive the hair I wanted from them.

So I headed over to Amazon to purchase the hair. I bought the Freetress Water Wave hair in 22 inches. It took 2-3 days to ship to me. It’s always safe to go with Amazon even if it’ll cost more.

passion twist products

Things You Need

  • Freetress Water Wave Hair – I bought the 22 inch in 1B. I only used 6 packs, but many women who did this style on their hair said they used 7 packs.
  • Gel – You can buy it from Amazon or Walmart. I paid like $2 more for it at the beauty supply store.
  • Mousse I bought mine from Walmart where it was most affordable.
  • Comb for partingThese combs are an absolute must have for perfect parting.
  • Oil for scalp – This is my go to oil for my hair. You can buy it in a pack at Walmart or Amazon.
  • Leave-in conditionerAphogee is 1 of my favorites! Ideal for moisturizing your actual hair since you won’t be touching it for awhile.

Optional: Revlon Hair Dryer Brush – I highly recommend this if you have type 4 hair.

Thoughts before I started my hair for the passion twists

I have extremely kinky curly hair and in the past whenever I added hair in, it never looked right to me. One of the things I had did wrong in the past was I would either add the hair in when I had air dried my hair versus blow drying it. That was a huge “No-No” mainly because my hair would be frizzy which would mean whatever protective style I did would have a decent amount of my hair showing and not blended in.

I highly recommend investing in the Revlon Hair Dryer brush. I’ve been using it all Winter instead of air drying my hair and I’m absolutely in love with it!

I also didn’t use gel or mousse the last times I added hair in and many of the other women who did this style either used one or the other or both. I figured both would be best for my type 4 hair.

Wash and Blow Dry

4c hair blowout

I spent pretty much all Sunday doing my hair.

I washed and blow dried my hair with the Revlon hair brush. I just recently started blow drying my hair again for the first time since high school. This blow dryer is everything. It helps you get to the roots and it isn’t a hassle to get your hair dry. Just use a heat protectant and you’re good.

It took me 2 and half hours to wash as well as blow dry my hair which is normal for me.

braids passion twists

Parting My Hair Into Sections.

After I finished, I started parting my hair into sections and braiding the sections. I added oil to my scalp as well. I ended up with 41 braids.

Excuse my gray hair, I get more of it every year.

passion twist braids

I found it incredibly difficult to part my hair without being able to see the back of my head. I already know that many of the parts are crooked or not as even as I wanted them to be. I will say I feel like it’s better to have decent parts in the front versus in the back since you’ll have long hair flowing down in the back versus in the front where the parts are visible.

One of the things that helped me was using 2 mirrors to see how the parts looked in the back at different angles.

I also contemplated using rubberbands, but with how my hair is setup.. it would have latched onto those rubberbands which would have caused so much breakage to my hair, especially when it’s time to take them down. I figured it’d be best to crochet the hair into the base of the braid.

Crocheting the Freetress Water Wave Hair

When I began doing my twists, I used two strands for each twist. I crocheted the hair through where I started the braid and I pulled the loop through a bit. Then I pulled one of the strands from the loop through. I started twisting the hair together with my braid all the way down. I used gel and mousse as I twisted my hair down so that the hair along with my braid would be secure.

I used 6 packs of hair for my hair. I ended up messing up 4 strands in the beginning so I definitely had used less than 6 packs for my hair.

Here are the 5 passion twist tutorial videos I watched to help me figure out how to do them successfully. I highly recommend them.

  1. Janay Mickles – No rubberband, no braid, no crochet passion twists tutorial
  2. Slim Reshae – No rubberband passion twists tutorial
  3. Amia Renee – Braiding passion twist tutorial
  4. Meech Nicole – Easy 2 hour passion twists tutorial
  5. Naturally Sunny – Short passion twists – no crochet

Here is the end result of my passion twists!!

passion twists


passion twists


passion twist

Do you plan on trying out the passion twists protective style?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

Also feel free to share this post on social media. I’d greatly appreciate it!

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  1. Nia Warwick says:

    I love how you breakdown each step from beginning to end. Your hair looks great. You did that

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