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Package delivered but person doesn’t live here – What to do if you get a package that isnt yours?

package for wrong address
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Yesterday I experienced a situation where I received a package delivered to me via FedEx. The person who was doing the delivery for the day dropped the package off and waved to me once they saw me opening the door. I brought the package in the house only to realize that it was a package delivered to a person that doesn’t even live the address.

Today I figured I would share my experience as well as share with you guys what to do if you want to figure out how to get the package sent back to the delivery person.

Package delivered but person doesn’t live here – What to do if you get a package that isnt yours?

After realizing this, I decided to go on the hunt for ways to get the package picked up. Upon doing some research on Google, I didn’t find any info on my situation of receiving a package for someone who doesn’t live at my home. I searched a variety of different phrases;

“I received a package to the right address, but the wrong person..”

“Package delivered but it isn’t mine…”

“Package sent to me by mistake…”

“Package delivered to right address, but they dont live here anymore…”

I found absolutely nothing, especially for a situation involving FedEx delivery.

I speculated whether the person the package was for had the package caught up in shipping during the pandemic since it was from overseas. I wondered if the person was alive or not as well. I also wondered if they even attempted to make changes to their shipping information once it was on its way.

I ended up searching their name and finding out that they used to live here, but had moved to a different location… Apart of me considered trying to contact the number on the package for them to pick it up, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it. So instead I decided to contact the company that delivered it.

If you receive a package that isn’t yours you can do a few things;

Firstly.. if you weren’t present during the time the package was delivered you should figure out what delivery service it shipped through.

Look at the shipping label to see if it says who delivered the package.

Contact the delivery service via phone.

I contacted FedEx via phone and didn’t have much luck because of the way their phone operating system is setup. There was absolutely no option for connecting me to a customer service rep or to even share that the package was delivered to someone who didn’t even live at the location anymore. I can assume that this is mainly because the situation isn’t a very common one so they don’t have an option for it available via phone call.

Contact delivery service via email.

Next I decided to contact FedEx via email, but I noticed it was difficult to submit the issues I was having as well.

Lastly, I decided to contact the delivery service via Twitter.

This is honestly my main method of contacting businesses when I am having an issue. I can just send them a tweet or DM about the issue I am having. Usually they’ll be able to connect me to the right person.

I ended up tweeting FedEx twice that I received the wrong package. After a couple of hours of messaging back and forth, I was able to get the issue resolved.

The next day the package was picked up at a specific time and I shared with them how the person didn’t live there anymore just for future reference.

So that’s how I was able to get the package that was delivered to the wrong person and wrong address to the right person.

It’s funny because 2 days later, the person who the package belonged to showed up at my door asking about the package and I told them how FedEx had picked it up. I felt bad about it since we didn’t have it in our posession anymore, but hopefully they were able to retrieve the package.

Has this ever happened to you guys?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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