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14 Cottagecore Things on My Cottagecore Mood Board | Aesthetic

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If you’re a fan of cottagecore then you probably have created an inspired cottagecore mood board. Today I figured I would share with you guys some of the things on my Cottagecore mood board. So let’s jump into it.

14 Cottagecore Things on My Cottagecore Mood Board

Fairy houses

These fairy homes are so adorable to put around your home, garden, or front yard for cottagecore decor.

Embroidered Cardigan

I want this cardigan in pretty much every color!

Cottagecore Dinner Plates Set

This 16 piece dinner plate set is absolutely perfect for cottagecore tableware vibes. Plus it’s affordable!

Cottagecore Dresses

This cottagecore dress is a favorite of mine!

Cottagecore Aesthetic Rug

I love this floral rug.


Bake some delicious muffins with this blueberry muffin mix.

Bakeware Set

Start baking daily with this bakeware set.

Cottagecore Bedding

This yellow quilt set is gorgeous.

Cottagecore books

The Grimms Fairy Tales collection is one of my favorite cottagecore books.

Cottagecore Curtains

These curtains are so lovely.

Sewing Machine

One of the best sewing machines out there. This for when you feel like making something.

Cottagecore Aesthetic Pillows

I absolutely love this throw pillow set.

Floral Sunflower Arrangement Decor

These faux sunflowers are beautiful & you don’t have to worry about watering them.

Picnic Basket

Have a wonderful picnic with friends with this picnic basket for 4.

So that’s my roundup of my favorite cottagecore things on my mood board.

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Feel free to check out my cottagecore mood board on Pinterest since I update it regularly!

Let me know your favorite cottagecore things by leaving a comment down below!

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