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3 Reasons to watch Hey Arnold – Review | Hulu Show

Hey Arnold review
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I love whenever I find shows to watch on Hulu. I recently found out that Hey Arnold was on Hulu which was a childhood favorite. I decided to binge watch the entire series and today I want to share with you guys why Hey Arnold is such a great show for kids to watch.

3 Reasons to watch Hey Arnold – Review | Hulu Show

Hey Arnold review

Hey Arnold is about a boy and his friends that deal with different issues within being in middle school. Hey Arnold has 5 seasons.

It teaches a lot of life lessons for kids to learn.

From learning about bullying to believing in yourself to truly being yourself, Hey Arnold teaches an assortment of topics from an emotional as well as mental aspect.

Arnold is pretty much the voice of reason for the show.

Surprisingly in the show Hey Arnold, Arnold tends to be about everyone, but Arnold a lot of the time. He does end up giving sound advice in pretty much every episode.

It aged well.

Binge watching Hey Arnold as an adult has showed me how well-written of a show this was. I know thinking about my childhood, this show was very relatable to a decent amount of the situations that I experienced myself.

Let me know in the comments below if you guys plan on checking on Hey Arnold. It is a great show for kids!

Hey Arnold review

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