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15 Desks under $100 for Your Office – Home Decor

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If you’re trying to create an office space for your home, then the number one thing that you’re going to need is a desk. I went on the search for desks on Walmart’s website to see what desks would be the best ones to buy. Check out my top 13 must have desks for your office that are all under $100!

15 Desks under $100 for Your Office – Home Decor

  1. white and grey desk – This white desk has 3 shelves apart from the desk. Ideal for a laptop or 1 monitor.
  2. thick legged desk – This is perfect for a simple desk setup like if you only use a laptop or if you’re a student.
  3. computer desk with 6 cubed shelves – If you would like a decent amount of storage for books or decor, then this is the desk for you.
  4. rustic no-tools desk – This is one of the easiest desks to put together! It doesn’t require a lot of effort & it has 6 storage shelves.
  5. tucked away desk – This is the ideal desk if you don’t have much room for a regular sized desk. It comes in black and orange.

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Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash

  1. desk for small spaces – This desk can hold 2 monitors. It’s a very convenient desk model.
  2. cinnamon cherry computer desk – You can place your monitor, case, and keyboard on the desk. Plus it has an extra mini shelf on top & a little cabinet at the bottom.
  3. black top white desk – This desk can hold 2 monitors and a keyboard. It’s a very sleek desk with a modern look.
  4. workstation desk – This desk comes with 2 shelves and a drawer.
  5. L-shape corner desk – If you need a lot of desk room, this is the one for you.

Walmart Desks

Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

  1. walnut desk – This is an afforable 43.3 inch brown and black desk.
  2. black wood top white desk – I love the simple design of this desk.
  3. industrial computer desk – I love how sophisticated this desk looks.
  4. similar industrial computer desk  – This is basically the same desk, but at a lower price. An absolute must have for your office.
  5. oak finish desk – This desk is absolutely gorgeous.

Which desk would you choose to have in your office?

Let me know by leaving a comment down below.

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