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Sirius the Jaeger Review | Netflix anime

sirius the jaeger
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I kept seeing Sirius the Jaeger being recommended to me as I scrolled Netflix.. and today I ended up binge watching the entire anime series in one sitting. I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts on Sirius the Jaeger and whether it is even worth watching. So let’s jump into this review of Sirius the Jaeger.

Sirius the Jaeger Review | Netflix anime

This anime is about a team of vampire hunters named Jaegers. One of the people within the crew is a boy named Yuliy who joined this team of vampire slayers for a specific reason. Throughout the show you learn more about him as well as the reasoning behind why the vampires are targeting specific people.

The vampires actually want something specific.

So I did like that within this anime, the vampires do have a goal or at least their leader does. Usually in vampire related animes the vampires main goal is to either kill or they just want blood, but in this story it’s much different.

The background story of Yuliy will definitely have you in your feelings.

For some reason I wasn’t expecting his story to unfold the way that it did over the course of the show. It’s very surprising.

The pacing is decent, but to be honest the ending falls short.

I feel like there was a strong lack of climax in the end. There was this build up which I thought would lead to something spectacular, but it kind of fell short. I wish more information was shared in relation to the thing that the vampires want.

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Do I recommend Sirius the Jaeger?

It’s a decent show to watch, but because it falls flat in the end and doesn’t have a second season… It’s not a number one recommendation of anime to watch on Netflix.

So that’s my Sirius the Jaeger review! Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

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