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Insense Influencer Review – My opinion on the Insense content creation platform

Insense Influencer
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I’ve been searching for different influencer marketing platforms to join as an influencer. I decided to join a couple of influencer platforms recently to see what type of brands were on it and to see if it would be a great platform to use to find brands I’d actually use on a regular basis along with finding brands I’d potentially collaborate with for pay as well. I also joined just see what brands expected from using influencer platforms. So today I figured I would share with you guys a new one I found called Insense.

Insense Influencer Review – My opinion on the Insense content creation platform

Insense is a content creation and paid promotion platform that is for influencers and brands.

Joining the app was simple. You just link your Instagram account and Youtube account. I only added my Instagram account.

Update: I added my Youtube account on March 11th, 2021. I’ll update you guys on if there were any changes or any new campaigns available after adding my Youtube channel.

I really wish these influencer apps would start looking into adding Pinterest, Facebook, or even blog url link options as being a source for promoting and working with brands.

I know I get way more sales from Pinterest and my blog in comparison to Instagram.

I waited a couple of days and I ended up receiving an email from Insense that I was able to check out the opportunities on Insense.

Influencer Opportunites that were available on Insense

Insense Review

I saw a decent amount of health campaigns and skincare campaigns. I even saw a few lifestyle brands and one fashion brand on there.

I see only product exchanges for content and Instagram posts via stories, posts, and reels.

After about 2 hours of evaluating the site over the course of a couple of weeks to see campaign updates..

I am going to be completely honest…

This is a great platform for brands. Brands can receive a ton of content and promotion all for the exchange of a product.

Now this is definitely not a good platform for influencers. I see a lot of receive one item in exchange for 4 photos and 4 videos. That’s a lot of work for one product that isn’t over $90. Then there are some campaigns that have exclusive rules like you can’t post about a competitor 1 month prior to posting about their product and 1 month after posting about their brand. It’s just too many rules in exchange for 1 product without pay.

I haven’t seen any paid campaigns yet. It could be because I don’t reach a certain follower threshhold, but I’m uncertain.

I could understand doing this work if you were at least becoming an affiliate or a brand ambassador where you received multiple products from the brand to create content of, but if you’re giving free content to brands that they can use for commerical purposes.. then you should definitely be getting paid and have an actual contract.

I did see maybe one brand today that had a free product in exchange for 1 post and 1 story which isn’t so bad if you have 500-3K followers, but most of the campaigns want multiple photos and videos for their own usage which is definitely at least a $250 value in my opinion.

UPDATE: An Insense Manager just reached out to me..

Just after looking at a couple of the campaigns today, one of the Insense managers contacted me via email to ask if I would like to join a specific campaign & even though I considered it… I don’t like that the campaign involves content creation for 2 products worth $30 each for 4 photos with 2 that should be posted to Instagram and 2 vertical videos for their own promotion use.

The collaboration can become ongoing depending on if they like your work and if you want to continue working with the brand.

I still feel like that’s too much work. $60 worth of product for 2 videos, 4 photos, 2 photos that need to be posted to Instagram, and they can use your content for promotion.

UPDATE: On March 19th, Insense reached out to me stating that my account didn’t past moderation.

Insense review

At the time and currently, I only have 1,032 followers on Instagram. Insense shares with me that my account didn’t meet the audience size requirements.

I find it absolutely wild that they have creators with 5K followers doing all of this work for no payment and only for an exchange of product.

I also have to mention that on the same day within 2 hours, a manager from Insense reached out to me for another campaign which is weird because if I didn’t meet the qualifications then I shouldn’t be having creatoe managers reach out to me about joining campaigns.

Do I recommend Insense for influencers?

If you’re curious about Insense, you can join to see what they have. If you want to build a portfolio, maybe this could be the move for you… but you’ll definitely be doing a lot of work that isn’t worth the value of what you’re receiving. I am kind of hoping Insense changes the way they do things where they look out for influencers instead of just allowing brands to expect all of this content from them and expect a lot of promotion from them when they’re giving a product that is under $90 & isn’t even worth all of the time and effort without payment.

Do I recommend Insense for brands?

I’d say yes, but I’m not sure how many influencers are using this platform and are actively okay with all of this work without pay. I can understand gifting an influencer a product in exchange for 1 IG post and 1 IG story, but not 2 videos posted to IG stories + 4 posts in exchange for a $30 product. However you can try and see what happens.

So thanks for checking out this Insense influencer marketing platform review. Let me know which influencer marketing platforms you’d like for me to try out by leaving a comment down below!

Insense review

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