Why Do Men Cheat | Why Do People Cheat – Honest Relationship Advice

Why Do Men Cheat?

You may have been cheated on and you are wondering why it even happened in the first place. Did it have something to do with you? Or was it their problem? I’ve been cheated on a couple of times and I have learned a bit from being cheated on and why it happens. So today I figured I would share with you guys why men cheat and just why people cheat in general. Let’s jump into it.

Why Do Men Cheat | Why Do People Cheat – Honest Relationship Advice

Men cheat because they can.

Some men just cheat because they are arrogant and they feel like you just have to accept it. They often have double standard as well as one sided ways of thinking about things in a relationship where they can do whatever they want, but if you did it… It’d be the end of the world. This behavior is toxic. I’ll always say,

“Run from anyone who has double standard and won’t treat you the way they’d like to be treated.”

They aren’t ready to settle down.

Some men will cheat because they aren’t ready to be with one person. They want to “sow their oats” and be able to do whatever they want with whomever they want. No matter how much of a great girlfriend you are, they could cheat just because they aren’t ready to be with only one person.

They lied about what they wanted.

Some men will straight up lie about wanting to be in a relationship. They may not want to see you with someone else. They may realize if they were honest about what they wanted that you wouldn’t have even given them a chance. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

They intentionally wanted to hurt you.

Some people will cheat out of spite. They’ll cheat because they wanted to make you upset and wanted to make you feel actual hurt. This is the worst type of toxic.

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Unfortunately these are also some unpopular opinions, but honest reasons why men cheat..

They cheated because they didn’t trust you.

So sometimes this can have something to do with the person they’re dating (they may do flirty or questionable things) while other times it has absolutely nothing to do with you. They cheated because they didn’t have trust and to be honest, they should have just ended things if they didn’t trust the situation they were in. Instead they choose to cheat… again this is an intentional form of cheating because they wanted to hurt you. I will never understand people who have trust issues, but then create trust issues at the same time.

They were unhappy.

They could be going through something in life where they felt like cheating would make them feel better which is wrong. They didn’t think about you or your relationship. They need to be single and evaluate themselves as well as what would make them happier in life.

They aren’t satisfied sexually.

I feel like a lot of people will feel some type of way about this, but it happens where someone may not be satisfied sexually. Either what they wanted physically in the bedroom wasn’t communicated in the relationship, there was a miscommunication, or honestly it’s just because you two aren’t sexually compatible. Being sexually compatible is an actual thing, but a lot of people don’t realize it. You may have a low sex drive while they don’t or there could even be other reasons involved in the relationship showing that you two may not have been compatible in general.

I’ll use this reddit post as an example;

A woman shared how her husband kept track on a spreadsheet of how many times he tried to initiate sex and how many times they actually had sex along with whatever reason she had for not wanting to do it.

Here’s a reference to the Reddit situation since the actual Reddit post was deleted.

This situation was horrible. I felt not only bad for the wife because he appallingly did this to her like it was okay, but also apart of me kind of felt bad for the husband because you could tell his needs weren’t being met either to the point where he felt the need to keep track. I also felt bad for the husband because she decided to put a private part of their relationship on blast on the internet.

This is an example of sexual incompatibility even though I feel like the couple may have been just incompatible in general or there was a lack of compromise for both people involved. The husband was frustrated with her lack of sex drive while the wife felt insulted even though she had her own reasons for why she didn’t want or feel like doing it. Whether it was personal reasons or maybe she wanted more romance and he didn’t supply it, there is either miscommunication, sexual incompatibility, or both happening here.

A lot of people don’t realize that the person they’re with may not be a good fit for them sexually, they may not take into consideration what they want sexually, or that they just may not have the same sex drive as the other person and that’s okay. Either they will be understanding to the situation, they will compromise and adjust to each other, or they may need to end things. It’s just something to keep in mind for the future. If someone cheated because of that, you two should breakup and find more compatible significant others.

They were always a cheater.

Sometimes there were behavioral patterns that you ignored in the beginning. He was cheating beforehand and always displayed cheating behavior, but you ignored them. It happens. I’ve been there, but you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. You just have to accept that they weren’t the one for you and move forward towards someone who will treat you like the Queen or King that you are!

So those are my reasons as to why men cheat and why people cheat in general.

Remember, if you’ve been cheated on.. you deserve better. Always think long term when it comes to relationships. Take care of your emotional and mental health. A cheater is thinking about themselves and not you, so move forward even if it’s hard.

Let me know your thoughts about why men cheat by leaving a comment down below if you want to chime in.

Why Do Men Cheat

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