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My ex boyfriend wants me back after he cheated | Relationship Advice

My ex boyfriend wants me back after he cheated

Things ended for you and your ex boyfriend awhile ago, maybe a few weeks have gone by or even a couple of months or a year has passed you. He calls you or texts you because he wants to see you. Your ex boyfriend tells you he wants you back, but the reason why you two broke up in the first place was because he cheated on you. Should you take your ex back?

Today I want to share with you guys my experience of taking a cheating ex boyfriend back and whether you should take your ex back.

My ex boyfriend wants me back after he cheated | Relationship Advice

I’ve taken back probably 4 exes that cheated on me in the past.

The times when I was cheated on I was in my teenage years or in my early twenties. I want to say the last time I was cheated on I was 23 or 24 years old. I don’t think any of the guys that cheated on me actually gave me a reason as to why they cheated on me. They just expressed that they did, felt guilty, and apologized for it.

I took him back after he cheated…

With all of my exes that cheated on me, I did take some of them back after they cheated. 1 of them I took them back within a few days of us discussing that they cheated on me. Another I took back within a few weeks, another a few months, and another I took back in a year. The very last ex that cheated on me, I didn’t take back at all.

The Forms of Cheating

Cheating can be not only physical, but also emotional. One thing you also have to think about too is that if a person cheats physically, they’re putting you in potential bodily harm. STDs are a thing. They are putting your health at risk. If they cheat on you emotionally, they didn’t think about your emotional or mental well-being at all.

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The truth about taking a cheating ex boyfriend back…

So I’ll be honest with you, if a person cheats on you.. it is a form of disrespect. They disrespected your relationship and you. They didn’t think about how much the relationship meant to you. They didn’t think about your feelings. They didn’t even think about you. They made a choice to allow someone into their life. They allowed someone to get close enough to them to actually cheat on you. Cheating is wrong and no one deserves to be cheated on.

In the situations where I took my exes back after they cheated, when I was younger I took it as a..

“You made a mistake and you’ll learn from it. I won’t hold it over your head. Don’t do it again.”

I kid you not, every time I allowed a cheating ex back into my life to rekindle a relationship with them… they cheated on me again.

The thing that a lot of people don’t understand is that you get what you allow. That goes with any relationships and pretty much anything in life. If someone treats you a certain way and you let it slide, they’ll think it’s okay for them to do it again. They’ll think in their head that “Oh.. it’s okay for me to talk to them this way or for me to do this to them because they will be okay with it. They won’t object to it. They’ll stick around and deal with it.”

That’s just the truth. If someone cheats on you and you take them back, 9 times out of 10… they are going to think that you won’t get rid of them.

They’ll think exactly this;

“They let me come back in their life before, so they’ll keep letting me come back. They’ll think it’s okay because even though I did wrong to them, I can do no wrong where they’ll actually leave me and let me go. I can do whatever I want and they’ll still stay with me. I can have them in my life and receive the benefits of having them in my life, but I can also have my cake and eat it to where I can cheat on them with someone else.”

It’s unfortunate, but it’s what happened to me and it really affected my mental, emotional, and physical health. It was to the point where I felt so sad and down about life that I didn’t even feel like eating or doing anything. I was so depressed.

The times where I let my cheating exes back into my life, they painted a picture like things would be okay and they’d change…. but in reality, they were disrespecting whatever bond we had by continuing to cheat. They didn’t care about my feelings and how it hurt me. I learned the hard way and I realized that even though I didn’t do anything wrong.. Even though I was actually a good girlfriend (which they even said themselves that I was) they still chose to cheat on me. I eventually learned that it was their problem and not mine. Them cheating on me had nothing to do with me and that’d it’d be best for me to just let the entire relationship go.

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My last ex that cheated on me…

I didn’t take him back. Of course I had so many issues within dating him because the relationship was toxic in general, but I learned to not take a cheating ex back. I learned to put my emotional, mental, and physical health first.

Honestly, that’s what you’re going to have to do. If someone truly cares about you, they won’t put you through that emotional damage. They won’t put you through potential physical damage either with potentially putting your health at risk. They won’t cause you to question your relationship or your value. They won’t put their relationship with you in jeopardy. The person you’re supposed to be with will do right by you and won’t make you an afterthought. They’ll put your feelings first.

So if your ex boyfriend wants you back after cheating on you, I’d say leave him in the past. It’ll be hard, but from my experience.. I’d say let him go. Not only are you potentially allowing yourself to be hurt again, but you may always wonder if they’ll do it again which means trust will be an issue.

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I hope you guys found this helpful. Feel free to share it on social media if you did.

Keep staying positive and keep on making better choices for you!

My ex boyfriend wants me back after he cheated

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