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40 Fun Pandemic Date Ideas | Date Night Ideas

Pandemic Date Ideas
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Looking for some fun date ideas to do during a pandemic? Check out some of my favorite date night pandemic ideas!

40 Fun Pandemic Date Ideas | Date Night Ideas

Have a picnic at a park on in the backyard.

Make & fly kites.

Try bowling at home.

Have a lego date night.

Build a fort in the basement or outside out of cardboard boxes.

Go to a concert in your own home.

Binge watch music videos from the 90s, 2000s, and more.

Go thrift shopping online for outfits for each other, wash them, and have a thrifty date.

Cook together or bake together.

Get shwarmas and watch the entire Avengers movie series.

Learn how to salsa or ballroom with some Youtube videos.

Watch a comedy show on Netflix or Youtube.

Have a Netflix and Chill night.

Go for a drive around town, grab some fast food, and eat in the car.

Order takeout or Grubhub some sushi.

Play ping pong or pool.

Get one of these 10 games in 1 tables so you can play fooseball, ping pong, or pool.

Make some homemade ramen.

Go to a drive in movie.

Go skating together.

Whether you go ice skating or go roller blading down the street, it’ll be a lot of fun.

Take a hike.

Try foods from a subscription box together.

Have a movie themed night.

Watch Harry Potter, Disney Princess, The Matrix, and any other movie series together. It’ll be a lot of fun.

Do some stargazing.

Look at the stars and have a picnic outside. A telescope will make this even better or do it indoors by buying a galaxy star projector.

Have a food war night.

Have someone choose 4 ingredients that you both have to use to make a tasty food. Have someone else judge which food tastes better.

Play video games with each other.

Camp out in your backyard.

Make smores. Set up a tent and camp out in your yard.

Have a board game night.

Play some two player board games.

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Put a puzzle together.

My boyfriend and I do this every now and then. Take time putting together a puzzle.

Have a candlelit date night outside.

Sing some karaoke together.

Either pull up your favorite songs on Youtube or get a karaoke mic and belt out your favorite song.

Play Just Dance.

Paint together.

Play laser tag.

Get some laser tag gear and play it indoors.

You can also have a nerf gun war with nerf guns.

Try out different baked good at a bakery.

Give each other faux tattoos or create body art on each other.

You can use the BIC tattoo pens or get some body paint.

Have an ice cream sundae night or just go get some ice cream from the Dairy Queen, Coldstone, Baskin Robbins, or a local ice cream parlor.

Eat Chinese food and watch movies.

Plant plants or start a garden.

So those are my pandemic date ideas. Let me know which ones you plan on trying out by leaving a comment down below!

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