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The Comfy Bamboo Boxers You Need (from a Woman’s perspective) ft. Chill Boys | Review

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I received these items as a sample in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Hey you guys! So I’ve always been a big fan of men’s clothing simply because a lot of times their clothing is better quality than the options we have in the women’s section and a decent amount of the times their clothes can even be way more comfortable. Today I figured I would share with you guys my experience of wearing boxers. Yep, you read that right… I wore men’s boxers from Chill Boys and I figured I would share with you all my experience of wearing them these past few weeks.

The Comfy Bamboo Boxers You Need (from a Woman’s perspective) ft. Chill Boys | Review

I received 3 pairs of boxers; 1 pair of the Bamboo Boxers & then 2 pairs of the Bamboo Boxer Briefs. I decided to go with a size Medium since based on the size chart the Mediums have a waist between 32-34 inches. I have a 33 inch waist so I knew these would be best.

A little background info..

It says on the packaging that these soft bamboo boxers and boxer briefs are much cooler than cotton. The fabric is breathable. There is multi-direction stretch and they claim to be lightweight.

My First Impression of Chill Boys Boxers

Chill Boys

I love the packaging. Since they were individually wrapped it made me feel like the product was going to be high quality and definitely worth the price that it retails at which is $19 for the Bamboo Boxers and $24 for the Bamboo Boxer Briefs.

Chill Boys Briefs
Chill Boys Bamboo Boxers

On intial touch, they simply felt very soft. I stretched the boxers to examine how stretchable they were and they’re…. pretty stretchable.

My Experience of rocking Chill Boys for the past few weeks

bamboo boxer briefs
Chill Boys Bamboo Boxer Briefs

Bamboo Boxers

The Fabric

I love the way the boxers and the boxer briefs felt on my butt. They’re super comfortable and breathable. The waistband was stretchy so it wasn’t tight on my stomach. I also liked how nice these felt on my thighs. There wasn’t any chafing. My thighs didn’t feel constricted either. I’ve become a huge fan of the bamboo / spandex blend. It’s definitely worth a splurge for sure.

Also, I love that the boxers have the Chill Boys logo embroidered on it.

Chill Boys Boxers

The Fit

The Bamboo Boxers were loose fitting, but I loved it. Absolutely a big fan of wearing these to bed. I feel like men would love wearing these in everyday life.. I would think anyway since they feel super cozy.

The Bamboo Boxer Briefs pretty much fit like briefs. Comfy and great to wear around the house when I don’t feel like wearing pants which is majority of the time. I feel like they’re way more comfier than actual women’s underwear which is strange, but I like it. The bamboo boxer briefs have a slick micro-mesh polyamide anti-chafing and vent feature so that explains why the comfort level was over 10 and why I didn’t feel hot or like my legs thighs were sweating when I wore them. I love these so much!

How they fit after washing them a couple of times..

I washed each of these 3x so far because I’ve worn each pair 3 times. There wasn’t any loose strings after the wash. There isn’t any dimness in color. They still feel super soft and comfortable just as the first days that I wore them. They haven’t seem to have lost their stretch. They look the same as when I first pulled them out of the pack.

Overall, do I recommend Chill Boys Bamboo Boxers?

I think these are great for both men and women. I’m literally laughing as I type this, but I am so glad that I decided to sample these for myself instead of giving them to my boyfriend. These would make a great random practical gift to give the man in your life or if you’re a guy, I’d recommend buying these because you won’t be disappointed or at least I don’t think you would. Bamboo fabric is the way to go. It’s breathable and comfortable. Definitely worth the cost for sure!

Head on over to Chill Boys to buy yourself some Bamboo Boxers today!

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