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High-Rise Invasion Review – Netflix Anime Series

High Rise Invasion review

I opened up Netflix and I High-Rise Invasion was the first thing I saw yesterday. Sooo I ended up binge watching the entire series in one day. Today I figured I would share with you guys my thoughts on the Sci-Fi anime, High-Rise Invasion and whether it’s actually worth the watch. So let’s jump into this High-Rise Invasion anime review!

High-Rise Invasion Review – Netflix Anime Series

The storyline is depressing yet interesting.

The story starts off with this girl in a new world. She doesn’t know how she got to where she is, but she ends up witnessing deaths back to back. You end up realizing that in this world humans are either led to turn to suicide of they are turned into masked killers for a specific purpose.

It’s all about the fight for humanity while also maintaining your humanity.

One thing that is clear as the series goes on is how the world that the main character is in begins to affect her as well as others. There ends up being a lot of changes and compromises for what people think is right and wrong for humanity.

The action scenes and fight scenes are pretty good.

I am a huge fan of the fights as the story goes on. You end up seeing the difference in strength with the enhancements that are given to characters over the course of the show.

I could do without the fan service.

I knew from the first episode that the fan service would be irritating for me. It isn’t a ridiculous amount, but there are some drops of fan service sprinkled throughout the show.

I actually loved most of the characters in this series.

I honestly have to say that all of the characters in this series brought something to the series that made it even more interesting to watch.

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Do I recommend watching High-Rise Invasion?  Review

If you’re interested in a show that is dark with a lot going on, you’ll like this show. It surprisingly kept me watching because I wanted to know the reason behind what was going on which resorted in me having even more questions as the show went on. I definitely suggest checking out High-Rise Invasion on Netflix if you’re looking for a new anime to watch.

High Rise Invasion review

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