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Oyaki Sushi Review – Dearborn, MI Restaurant

Oyaki Sushi Review

I’ve been having a craving for sushi for the past few weeks & I told my boyfriend that I’d love to have some for Valentine’s Day. We ended up ordering Oyaki Sushi for take out on V-Day and I figured I would share with you guys my experience of ordering from Oyaki Sushi in Dearborn, Michigan.

Oyaki Sushi Review – Dearborn, MI Restaurant

Oyaki Sushi is a restaurant that offers Japanese cuisine. You can get sushi, katsu, udon, soba, teriyaki, and even bento boxes here.

Oyaki Sushi Dearborn Michigan

So firstly, I have to mention that unfortunately we attempted to call and pick up the food… but no one answered the phone & their mail box was full with messages. We tried calling Oyaki Sushi about 4 times and we couldn’t get through. I wish they had an online ordering option. We assumed that maybe since it was a holiday that they weren’t taking calls or they were too busy.

My boyfriend ended up going straight to the restaurant to place the order. It took maybe 25 minutes for him to receive it.

Miso Soup

You can never go wrong with Miss soup. I love theirs. I’d heavily recommend it.



Gyoza is classic pan fried beef dumplings (homemade).

The Gyoza was pan-fried. It seemed a bit more gummier than other fried gyoza I’ve tasted in the past for some reason, but it was still pretty delicious.

Oyaki SushiCalifornia Roll- Bottom Roll

The California roll has crab meat, avocado, & cucumber in it.

It came with this sauce on it even though the California roll isn’t supposed to have sauce on it. The sauce on it was decent. I did end up dipping this roll in the Szechaun sauce that I had and it was scrumptious.

Devil Roll – Middle Roll

The Devil roll had tempura shrimp, crab salad and avocado topped with tempura crunch, spicy sauce and Oyaki sauce on it.

My boyfriend picked this roll and it was decent. I’m not a fan of the flakes though personally. If it didn’t have the flakes on it, it would have tasted much better to me. He really liked it though.

Mexican Roll

Mexican Roll – Top Roll

The Mexican roll had tempura shrimp, crab meat, avocado, cucumber and jalapeno topped with spicy sauce, hot sauce and Oyaki sauce.

The Mexican roll had a spicy sauce on it which I thought was Yum Yum sauce. This was my favorite thing on the menu. The jalapenos in it was a nice spicy kick which tasted pretty amazing.

California Roll

Yum Yum Roll

The Yum Yum Roll had crab meat, avocado and cream cheese tempura fried and topped with
Oyaki sauce.

It wasn’t too good. I think it was the cream cheese that threw me off to be honest. I definitely think it would have tasted much better if some cucumber had been in it though.

This was the first sushi roll I’ve ever had that was called a Yum Yum roll, but didn’t have actual Yum Yum sauce on it which was weird to me.

I tried it with szechaun sauce and some Yum Yum sauce separately.. which made it really good.

I did make the mistake of letting one of the pieces of sushi brush against the wasabi which made my nose flare and open up with heat. I am definitely not a fan of wasabi at all.

Would I recommend eating at Oyaki Sushi?

I would, but I’d probably order from them on a regular day versus a holiday. I will say if I didn’t have my own sauces, the experience wouldn’t have been too great to be honest. I plan on ordering from them again in the future. There are a few other sushis I’d like to try and I’m interested in the Katsu!

Check out Oyaki Sushi’s menu and their sushi menu today!

So thanks for checking out my Oyaki Sushi review.

Let me know which foods you’d like to try from Oyaki Sushi by leaving a comment down below!

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  1. This all looks so delicious! It’s been way too long since I had sushi.

  2. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Nice review. Yeah sometimes you have to work on your own sauce.

  3. looks pretty delicious, a very nice place for me. I like sushi rolls a lot

  4. I hate when you try to call and can’t get through! I’m glad you had a happy ending though. 🙂

  5. Chiache says:

    Seeing this in the middle of the night makes me so hungry! 😋

  6. This looks good! I love the crispy gyoza. I never have seen that here in Japan, now I crave it!

  7. Thank you for sharing your honest review of Oyaki Sushi. I would love to try their Katsu too. Will take your advise to order on regular days.

  8. Aarika says:

    Your sushi order looks delicious. I love fresh sushi! Now I’m hungry. Thanks for this review.

  9. I am such a sushi fan. I have a few small restaurants near me that make the outstanding sushi, too.

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