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Top 5 Ways to Know You’re Rebound Dating – Rebound Relationships

Rebound Dating

You’ve just gotten out of a relationship. Maybe sometime has past.. a few days or a few weeks. You’re thinking about dating someone new, but are they going to end up becoming a rebound relationship because you aren’t over your ex?

Let’s evaluate the ways in which you’ll know if you’re rebound dating and headed for a rebound relationship.

Top 5 Ways to Know You’re Rebound Dating – Rebound Relationships

You keep comparing them to your ex.

If you find yourself constantly making a mental note or thought about how this person is better than your ex or doesn’t do “this or that” like your ex… you probably aren’t over them. When you start attempting to date for an actual relationship, there should be no comparison. You should just accept the new person as they are and just take the time to know them without making connections to how they aren’t or are like their ex.

You’re dating to make your ex jealous.

If deep down you catch yourself thinking about how you want to make your ex feel jealous by hoping they see you with the new person or if you’re taking pictures and posting them on social media with hopes that the ex will potentially see your bunding relationship… then you aren’t over your ex and the person you’re dating is definitely a rebound. There is no reason that your ex should be a factor within your dating life.

You dived head first into dating someone new even though you still feel hurt about your last relationship.

Have you made time to really get over what happened in your last relationship? Do you still feel upset and hurt, but you figure that dating someone new will wipe away the emotions you still have lingering about the experiences that happened with your ex? It maybe time to evaluate the past relationship. Assess why things happened as they did. Accept why they happened and move forward at your own pace.

You may end up talking to the new person you’re dating about the ex.

If you feel the need to share details about your ex with the new person, then you may not be over them. Unless they ask or you two are having a conversation naturally about past relationships, there is no reason why the past relationship should be brought up to them.

You find yourself wanting to talk to your ex.

If for any reason you feel the need to talk to your ex, you’re not over them. An ex is an ex for a reason. They are in the past and you shouldn’t be reaching out to them for any reason.

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So those are the reasons how you’ll know if you’re rebound dating and on the verge of a rebound relationship.

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