32 Plaid Tote Bags You Need in Your Closet | Fashion

Plaid Tote Bags

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I have been a huge fan of plaid for the longest. I am so excited whenever I buy something with plaid in it, especially if it’s something that I know I can use everyday. Today I figured I would share with you guys some plaid tote bags that you can buy and use in your day-to-day life.

32 Plaid Tote Bags You Need in Your Closet | Fashion

red and black tote bags

red and black tote, grey tote, plaid heart tote bag

I would rock these tote bags everyday. You could easily wear black, red, or grey with these tote bags.

School bags

This Tinkerbell tote bag is a serve!


School Bags

navy pink tote bag, plaid Love tote bag, pink blue plaid tote bag

These bags are perfect for adding some style to your look.

Kawaii tote bags

orange heart tote bag, blue heart tote bag, pink heart tote bag

These soft girl aesthetic tote bags are great for anyone who loves pastel colors.

Plaid Tote Bags

red/green plaid tote, green tote bag, burgundy tote bag

These are my go to bags!

school bags

Get this Clueless tote bag if you’re a fan of Clueless!


blue tote bags

blue plaid tote, blue rainbow plaid tote, navy plaid tote

These blue plaid tote bags are a must have!

purple tote bags

dark purple tote, pastel tote, purple w/yellow blend tote

These purple plaid totes are perfect! They’re vibrant and stylish.

Yellow Tote Bags

1st yellow tote bag, 2nd yellow tote bag

If you love yellow, then you’ll love these yellow plaid tote bags!

pink tote bags

1st pink tote bag, 2nd tote, 3rd pink tote bag

If you love pink and black, then these are the tote bags for you!

Animal Crossing gift idea

If you love Animal Crossing, get this Isabelle tote bag!

Plaid Tote Bags

blue green plaid tote, red blue plaid tote, yellow/green/red tote bag

Add these totes to your wardrobe to make any outfit you wear fashionable.


purple tote

1st tote, 2nd tote, 3rd tote

The dark purple totes would make a great gift for anyone who loves the color purple!


I hope you guys liked this roundup of plaid tote bags!

Let me know which ones you love by leaving a comment down below!

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