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We bought a lego dupe! – Best Lego Alternative on Amazon

Lego alternative

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Even as an adult, I am still a fan of Legos… I used to love playing with them as a kid, but now that I can actually buy them myself I have realized how expensive they can be. Lego bricks are very expensive, especially if you just want to buy a set of bricks and not actual themed set. So we decided to go on the hunt for a lego alternative and we ended up finding an awesome Lego dupe at a lower cost.

We bought a lego dupe! – Best Lego Alternative on Amazon

Lego Dupe

Best Lego Alternative

We ended up buying this 1000 piece set which is an absolute must have. I’ll be honest… I’m not exactly sure if they are necessarily compatible with Lego bricks themselves, but they do fill my Lego void. Plus they were nowhere near as expensive at all. So far we’ve purchased 2 sets and we can build pretty much whatever we want.

We currently use this Lego dupe for date nights and for D&D. I highly recommend buying these as a gift for kids or even as a gift for yourself. I know I personally love using them because not only is a great activity to just build things, but it helps me think creatively when I am trying to come up with concepts for my blog or fashion post ideas. So head on over to Amazon and buy yourself an 1000 piece lego dupe today!

Would you buy a Lego alternative or would you rather spend the money and buy the real thing?

Let me know in the comments down below!

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