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5 Reasons you should be getting Valpak in the mail – Valpak Review | Save Money

Valpak review

I am a huge fan of saving money and using coupons. So Valpak has been one of my favorite ways to save money. I personally have been using Valpak for 9 years and I’ve been loving it. Today I figured I would share with you guys how useful Valpak has been for me when it came to finding out about services as well as saving money as a consumer.

5 Reasons you should be getting Valpak in the mail – Valpak Review

I am not sure too many people know what Valpak is, but basically it is a way in which you can receive coupons sent to your house every month featuring local services that are nearby.

Before Corona happened, there used to be a lot more deals and coupons for activities like performance events… but I haven’t seen any in there for a couple of months now.

Valpak review

You can get deals on home services.

I always see deals or coupons for things like plumbing, tree removal, flooring, blinds, and closet installations.

Valpak review

The restaurant coupons are my favorites!

I love Valpak the most because I can either learn about restaurants I haven’t heard of before or I receive coupons from specific restaurants monthly which I love. I can save money while grabbing a whole lunch or dinner meal.

There’s almost always a coupon for Valvoline.

If you need an oil change or something car specific, you can use a coupon from Valvoline to get it done. I know my boyfriend and my mom loves whenever I share these coupons with them. I’m not sure if it’s only a Michigan based thing, but I know I’ve gotten them in the mail on a monthly/bimonthly basis.


The Sam’s Club yearly deal is a must have.

Maybe every 2 or 3 months I also see a coupon for a Sam’s Club membership which is a must have if you have a big family or if you just want to buy specific items in bulk.

Valpak is free!

You can easily sign up for Valpak too. Since we just moved, I decided to head on over to their website to enter my information and sign up for it. Within a week or two I received a Valpak which had coupons in it that don’t expire until the end of the month or the middle of the next month.

So if you’re interested in saving money, I would recommend heading on over to Valpak to enter your info. I want to say Valpak is only US based so keep that in mind when signing up for it!

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