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DTE Home Energy Consultation review | Save Money on your electric bill in Michigan

DTE Home Energy Consultation review
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My boyfriend and I recently just moved into our new house and we heard that we could have a DTE Home Energy Consultation which basically gives you advice on ways in which you can lower your energy output as well as cost. So we ended up setting up an appointment to receive the consultation and we were pleasantly surprised by what we learned as well as received.

DTE Home Energy Consultation review | Save Money on your electric bill in Michigan

DTE Home Energy Consultation

We spoke with the Energy Consultant and she gave us a packet that displayed information on the items that we received that would help us save money and energy in our home.

She changed all of the light bulbs to energy effecient light bulbs. I want to say she switched out maybe 12 bulbs.

She swapped out our thermostat and installed a new one and helped us sign onto the app compatible for it where we could control our thermostat from pretty much anywhere. This would help with turning the heat or air off and on when we aren’t home.

Sensi thermostat

She swapped our faucet caps in the sink. I am assuming it helps with the water pressure.

She also asked if we wanted to swap out our shower head for a more energy efficient one, but we had just purchased the best shower head we’ve ever used in our lives so we declined.

DTE Home Energy Consultation

The last thing she gave us was a big power outlet. It’s great for hooking your computer up to because it lowers the energy usage as well.

She also looked at our fridge, stove, freezer, washer, and dryer to chat with us about ways in which we could save money/energy when they’re in use.

Should you get the DTE Home Energy Consultation?

I definitely think it’s worth it since it doesn’t cost you anything at all to receive the consultation. Overall, you pretty much just receive a whole bunch of free stuff as well as tips on how to save money with your electric bill and how to reduce your energy output. Apparently all of the items she gave us is supposed to save us maybe $230 something a year which isn’t bad. If you live in Michigan, I would recommend signing up for the DTE Home Energy Consultation. It would be beneficial for not only your wallet, but also the environment as well.

Is it all you can do to save energy? The answer is no. Saving energy needs to become our number one priority if we want to keep the planet livable for as long as possible. But this doesn’t only apply to homeowners. Businesses have to lead the way and invest in green tech that can reduce their energy consumption. Countless innovative projects are in progress — you can read about them on Energy innovation Capital Medium page — so the future can be greener. So, if DTE Home Energy Consultation inspires you to save energy everywhere you can, keep an eye on green tech and green projects too.

DTE Home Energy Consultation

Published on January 21, 2021.

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