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3 Ways to Find Local Influencers Near Me | Influencer Marketing

Local Influencers
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Do you want to find influencers near you? Well there are a few different ways that you can look for influencers in your area and I am going to share with you guys how you can do it! So let’s jump into these top 4 ways to find influencers that are in your city.

3 Ways to Find Local Influencers Near Me | Influencer Marketing


If you want to find influencers, you can find a ton of them on Instagram. There are so many reputable influencers on the social media app that will actually do a decent job of promoting your products. You just have to know where to look.

Find influencers through hashtags on Instagram.

Do a search on Instagram using hashtags. If you’re looking for local influencers use this formula.

Search “# ‘city name + state'” or “# ‘city name'” or “state name”

Ex: #DallasTexas #DetroitMichigan #DetroitMI #Detroit #Dallas

You can also add ‘influencer’ at the end of the hashtag.

Ex: #DallasInfluencer #NewJerseyInfluencer #DetroitInfluencer

Find influencers through the location tag.

Search a city location in the search bar and check out what photos are being recommended to you.

Click through them to see who has decent engagement and email them or DM the influencer.

Do a search on Google.

You can do the same thing in the search bar on Google.

Type in your city and or/state and add ‘influencer’ to it.

Ex: “Detroit Influencer”, “Detroit, Michigan Influencer” , or “Michigan Influencer”

See what comes up. Some people will show up in the search engine as bloggers or some Instagram pages may show up as well. There are also some roundup influencer pages that showcase the top influencers in the area that you can check out as well.

So that’s how you find local influencers near you. It will probably take sometime to go through the influencers to figure out which ones would be ideal to work with, but take your time. Evaluate the follower to engagement ratio as well as analyze if they would be a good fit for marketing your product.

Local Influencers

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